About Us – Hawach Scientific Co., LTD
Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd is a modern manufacturer enterprise, which focuses on instruments for chemical scientific laboratory. Hawach Scientific contains well integration of R&D, production, sales, and after-sales service. Hawach products receive consistent approval in quality and service from customers. Hawach supplies qualified pipettes, pipette tips, instruments for cell culture and PCR tests, and more related products from the chemical laboratory. High quality and good prices make Hawach products well-reviewed. The wholesale of all products is provided. Our company is a professional supplier in the field of chemical and medical laboratory consumables.

Company Culture

“Accomplish Sciences, help employee realized their dreams.” is the mission of Hawach Scientific. Hawach Scientific has built a laboratory analysis institute, and a research and development center. And Hawach is certified by ISO 9001 and all products are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality management system. Hawach products are exported to many countries, like the United States, Korea, Japan UK, Germany, Dubai, Israel, Mexico, etc.

Production Control

About the manufacturers, Hawach keeps upgrading our technique and production machine. Quality always comes first in the agreement in Hawach. Hawach Scientific went to learn advanced production technology and experience at first, especially quality control testing laboratory. Hawach has an international advanced production line of laboratory consumables. And ultraviolet absorption detectors, liquid chromatography, integrity tester, flow rate tester, dielectric strength tester, heating plates, and more are on stream. The employees are all trained strictly, skilled, and full of work experience. All products are delivered to the QC center and qualified products will be sent to continue the next procedure.
We have fully automatic production equipment, and a sterile dust chamber, and can provide DNase and RNase-free pyrogen-free sterilization of various products to laboratories. The prospect of Hawach is to be an industry-leading, reliable and famous enterprise, which provides optimal products, services, and solutions to laboratories around the world. With the joint efforts of all employees, business partners, and customers, we believe Hawach can be a leader in the laboratory industry.

Hawach is located in the international city Xi’an. Our company is in Xi’an High Tech Development Zone. It is one of the five national-level High Tech development Zones for technology developments. If you’re interested to visit Hawach, you will be welcomed warmly. And please contact us in advance for your smooth journey.

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