100mm Tissue Culture Dish

Item No.: CD-100/CD-100-TC

Package: 10pcs*30bags/carton

Availability: In Stock

Description of 100mm Tissue Culture Dish

Hawach 100mm tissue culture dish has TC treated and without special treatment for selections. Tissue culture-treated dishes are ideal for cell and tissue cultures that rely on attachment.

Features of 100 mm Culture Dish

  • Transparent and smooth culture dishes provide a stable and suitable surface for cell proliferation and microscopy.
  • Gamma radiation sterilized 100mm cell culture dish is free of external pollution, and has no pyrogen, DNase, and RNase.
  • These dishes are very clear, made of 100% polystyrene for excellent optical clarity, and are sterilized for use in sterile environments.
  • Excellent surface smoothness ideal for viewing with a high-definition microscope.
  • 100mm culture dishes are specially designed to be stackable for easy batch handling and storage.
  • The 35mm, 60mm, and 150mm cell culture dishes are available as well.


It is suitable for laboratory inoculation, streaking, and bacterial isolation, and can be used for the cultivation of plant materials. And it is ideal for a variety of cell culture applications, tissue dissection, and dissociation.

100 mm tissue culture dish is certified as good quality and strictly produced. Our company is committed to providing high-quality products for the field of life science research and providing the required services for the majority of scientific researchers.

Specifications and Parameters:

Item NO.SpecificationPackGW/carton(kg)Carton size(cm)
CD-100100mm Cell culture dish, non- treated, culture area 55.8c㎡, sterilized10pcs*30bags/carton8.2859.4*49.7*23.4
CD-100-TC100mm cell culture dish, tissue culture treated, culture area 55.8c㎡, sterilized10pcs*30bags/carton8.2859.4*49.7*23.4

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