35mm Cell Culture Dish

Item No.: CD-35/CD-35-TC

Package: 10pcs*100bags/carton

Availability: In Stock

Description of 35mm Cell Culture Dish

35mm cell culture dishes are shallow experimental vessels specially designed to support the growth and reproduction of cells in culture. Dishes with pretreated surfaces allowed anchorage-dependent cell adhesion, while untreated dishes supported the culture of cells in suspension.

Features of 35mm Cell Culture Dish

  • The non-treated and tissue culture-treated are optional for 35mm culture dishes.
  • 35mm dishes are all sterile, and there is no external pollution.
  • The 4 protruding points on the cap have a gas exchange function, which is beneficial to improving the survival rate of tissue culture.
  • The stacking ring designed on the bottle cap makes it easy to stack, saves laboratory space, and looks neat.
  • Plates are numerically coded to facilitate locating areas of cell growth.
  • The edge of the plate has a toothed design, which makes it easy to grip the plate and remove the lid.
  • 35mm cell culture dishes are the smallest size Hawach supplied. 100mm, 150mm, and 60mm cell culture dishes are free for you to get.


Laboratories use to grow microbes or cells.

Hawach 35mm culture dishes are designed for cell culture, this product is rigorously engineered and ideal for laboratory use. We are a partner worthy of your trust, and we are willing to cooperate sincerely with you to create a better future.

Specifications and Parameters:

Item NO.SpecificationPackGW/carton(kg)Carton size(cm)
CD-3535mm cell culture dish, non-treated, culture area 9.2cm2, sterilized10pcs*100bags/carton4.534*21.28.5
CD-35-TC35mm cell culture dish, tissue culture treated, culture area 9.2cm2, sterilized10pcs*100bags/carton4.534*21.28.5

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