60mm Cell Culture Dish

Item No.: CD-60/CD-60-TC

Package: 10pcs*60bags/carton

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Description of 60mm Cell Culture Dish

6 cm cell culture dishes are usually made of glass or plastic. 60mm culture dish can be used for bacterial inoculation, threading, isolation in the laboratory, and also for growing plant material. Hawach cell culture dishes are made of high-grade PS, which has steady chemical properties and is extremely transparent.

Features of 6 cm Cell Culture Dish

  • They are fitted with vented covers that provide consistent gas exchange while providing protection for the environment.
  • The clear material of 6 cm dishes allows distortion-free microscopic observation.
  • The sterile 6 cm dishes are without DNase, RNase, and pyrogen.
  • The thickness is uniform and the surface is smooth and clear, which is very effective for cell culture and easy to compare
  • The stacking edges are constructed for easy storage without taking up too much floor space.


60mm culture dish is widely used for microbial or cell culture. It is mainly used to carry liquid medium or solid agar medium for cell culture. In agricultural, aquatic, and other scientific research, it is used for the artificial cultivation and incubation of seeds, plants, insects, and fish. The electronics industry or other industries are used as utensils.

Hawach 60mm cell culture dish is not the only size, there are still 35mm, 100mm, and 150mm cell culture dishes for your selections. Our company is composed of industry insiders with industry backgrounds and rich market experience. Hope to cooperate with you for long-term contacts!

Specifications and Parameters:

Item NO.SpecificationPackGW/carton(kg)Carton size(cm)
CD-6060mm Cell culture dish, non- treated, culture area 26cm2, sterilized10pcs*60bags/carton7.5343.8*36.7*35.9
CD-60-TC60mm cell culture dish, tissue culture treated, culture area 26cm2, sterilized10pcs*60bags/carton7.5343.8*36.7*35.9

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