Centrifuge Plastic Tubes

Introduction of Polypropylene Centrifuge Tube

  • The centrifuge plastic tube was invented in 1938. Scientists have been using them since then. They are for easy filling and sample preparation.
  • Hawach supplies polypropylene centrifuge tubes manufactured with the highest quality virgin polypropylene and they are produced in Class 100,000 clean-room.
  • These tubes use high-strength non-toxic materials, all the raw materials comply with USP VI requirements.
  • Graduated centrifuge tubes are easy for volume identification and there is also a writing area for quick marking.
  • The centrifuge tubes can be used in biochemistry, molecular biology industries, and other biological science.
  • All centrifuge tubes are non-pyrogenic, DNase-free, and RNase-free.
  • V shape, U shape, flat, and round bottom are optional.
  • There are small-volume centrifuge tubes, regular centrifuge tubes, and large-volume centrifuge bottles supplying.

Small Volume Centrifuge Tube

2ml Microcentrifuge tubes(V bottom) centrifuge tubes 1.5ml

  • Hawach small-volume centrifuge tubes are used in the lab for accurate small amounts of experiments.
  • The attached cap is easy to open and allows operation with a single hand.
  • The micro-centrifuge tubes have clear transparency

Regular Centrifuge Plastic Tube

15 ml conical centrifuge tubes 50ml centrifuge tubes

  • They are all centrifuge plastic tubes with stable chemistry.
  • Standard type and optimal option
  • Medium volume for your choice

Centrifuge Bottles

250ml conical centrifuge tube500ml centrifuge bottle

  • Large volume for various demands
  • Clear graduations for observation, and recording convenience

Portfolio of Hawach Polypropylene Centrifuge Tubes

Graduated centrifuge tubes are designed to reduce laboratory work stress. Hawach centrifuge tubes can do a better job, let’s experiment with them!

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