1.5mL Centrifuge Tubes

Centrifuge Tubes with Shield Lid

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Description of 1.5mL Centrifuge Tube

1.5mL centrifuge tubes are commonly used in many regards to molecular biology. They are made of UPS 6-grade polypropylene and are manufactured with state-of-the-art product equipment housed in a class 100000 clean-room environment. 1.5mL and 2mL micro-centrifuge tubes are micro-type of centrifuge tubes.

Features of 1.5mL Centrifuge Tubes

  • Centrifuge tubes 1.5mL with shield lids are ideal for handling and storing small-volume samples, extracts, and reagents.
  • The tubes are non-DNase, non-RNase, and non-pyrogenic, and the endotoxin<0.1 EU.
  • The microcentrifuge tubes can be used to store, prepare, transport, and mix samples and reagents.
  • Centrifuge tubes 1.5mL with shield lid have attached tube and cap, they are a whole part, and for this reason, you don’t have to worry about losing the lid.
  • The RCF of 1.5mL centrifuge tubes is up to 30,000xg.
  • The temperature range of centrifuge tubes: -80°C~120°C
  • Packages: They are 500pcs/bag and 10bags/carton.
  • Your samples are immune to potential biologically active contaminants.
  • They open and close comfortably, provide a precise seal to reduce evaporation rates, and have a flat surface for easy labeling.


The 1.5mL centrifuge tubes can be applied for Nucleic acid amplification testing. They are suitable with standard centrifuges for boiling, freezing, and centrifugation.

Hawach centrifuge tubes in 1.5mL are ideal for centrifugation and are compatible with standard microcentrifuges. And it has an amazingly good quality, which will save you a lot of unnecessary things during your experiments. 15mL centrifuge tubes, 500mL centrifuge bottles, and more sizes are provided as well. You won’t want to miss them!

Specifications and Parameters:

Item NO.Specificationpcs/cartonGW/carton(kg)Carton size(cm)
MCT-1501.5ml Microcentrifuge tubes (V/U bottom to choose)5000(500pcs*10boxes/carton)7.5343.8*36.7*35.9

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