15mL Centrifuge Tubes

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Description of Centrifuge 15mL Tubes

Hawach tubes for centrifuge in 15mL are regular volumes of centrifuge tubes, the micro type, and larger volume bottles are supplied as well. 15mL conical centrifuge tubes are made of ultra-quality PP and the sealing caps are made of HDPE. The material ensures excellent products.

Features of 15mL Conical Centrifuge Tubes

  • All centrifuge tubes are sterilized by electron beam and packaged in a top clean room.
  • The scale is clear and has a special marking area, which is very convenient for experiments.
  • Internal materials of centrifuge 15mL tubes are highly polished for maximum sample recovery.
  • They have tight seals and can be used for single-hand operation.
  • 15mL conical centrifuge tubes have high-safety screw caps separated. Such a sealing method has high sealing strength, and it is not easy to accidentally spill the sample into the tubes.
  • Please try to keep the package sealed and away from dust, moisture, and other pollution sources.
  • V bottom is regular type, meanwhile flat and round bottom are supported as well for your demands.
  • Package way: rack and bag packs are available.


Widely used in bioscience industries such as biochemistry and molecular biology.

Hawach offers centrifuge tubes made from pure polypropylene to meet the general requirements of the experiments. For centrifuge tubes, we also have 2mL centrifuge tubes, 1.5mL centrifuge tubes, 50mL centrifuge tubes, 250mL conical centrifuge tubes, and 500mL centrifuge tubes, which are all produced in class 100,000 clean-room. Please contact us if you feel you need them.

Specifications and Parameters:

Item NO.Specificationpcs/cartonGW/carton(kg)Carton size(cm)
CT-15-SD15ml centrifuge tubes, Sterilized500(25pcs*20bags/carton)551*21*31
CT-15-SB15ml centrifuge tubes, Sterilized500(25pcs*20shelves/carton)4.551*21*31

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