250ml Centrifuge Conical Bottle

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Description of 250mL Conical Centrifuge Bottle

The centrifuge bottle type has 250mL and 500mL centrifuge tube supplies. 250mL conical centrifuge tubes using high-strength non-toxic materials, which all meet USP VI requirements.

Features of Centrifuge Tube 250mL

  • The centrifuge tube features a tapered bottom construction, which improves pipetting accuracy and reduces sample waste remaining in the tube by driving the sample down to the focal point.
  • All centrifuge tubes of 250mL have smooth and low friction surfaces.
  • The interior of the product is highly polished, which facilitates maximum sample recovery.
  • The centrifuge bottle has a large volume, which can carry out large-capacity experiments and is very efficient.
  • The sterilized tubes have no pyrogen, no endotoxin or cytotoxicity, and are DNAse and RNAse free. It is recommended that you use clean gloves to handle the tubes and do not return unused tubes to their original packaging to better avoid potential contamination.
  • The separated screw caps provide a secure, liquid-tight, reliable seal even after prolonged boiling.


They can fit most standard rotors of centrifuges.

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Item NO.Specificationpcs/carton
CF-250250ml Centrifuge bottles102(6pcs*17bags/carton)

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