2mL Centrifuge Tubes

DNase and RNase free

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Description of 2mL Micro Centrifuge Tubes

2.0mL microcentrifuge tubes are made of high-grade PP, which has great quality and clearness. 2mL centrifuge tubes standard conical shape bottom and are suitable for most centrifuges. They are tightly packaged to prevent external contamination, so for accuracy, please try to keep the microcentrifuge tubes in their original packaging until you need them.

Features of 2mL centrifuge Tube

  • This centrifuge tube has a smooth and clear surface, which is very convenient for you to mark on it.
  • 2mL centrifuge tubes also have caps integrated with the tubes just like the 5mL centrifuge tube, which can be sealed with a simple press.
  • Endotoxin is less than 0.1 EU, and for pyrogenic, DNase, and RNase, 2.0mL microcentrifuge tubes don’t have these.
  • This product is resistant to high temperatures to 120℃ and low temperatures to -80℃.
  • 2mL plain centrifuge tubes can be stored at room temperature.
  • Both default and standard are V-shaped bottoms, but the flat bottom and round bottom can be customized.
  • Wear gloves before reaching for the tube to minimize potential contamination, rather than reaching directly by hand into the bag. You can organize them by placing them on a clean 2mL tube rack.
  • Package: 2mL microcentrifuge tubes have 500 tubes in 1 bag and 10 bags in 1 carton.


They are suitable for most centrifuge shaft rotors, mostly used in biological science, and for the separation of sub-microscopic particles

The 2mL microcentrifuge tube is a very high-quality product and easy to use, it will make your experiment run smoothly and the results will have believable and reliable accuracy. Larger capacity tubes are also available, like 15mL conical centrifuge tubes, 50mL centrifuge tubes, 250mL conical centrifuge tubes, and 500mL centrifuge tubes. We hope you can choose our products and hope to contact and cooperate with you as soon as possible!

Specifications and Parameters:

Model No.DescriptionPackPcs/CartonCarton Size(cm)G.W.(kg)
MCT-2002ml Microcentrifuge tubes(V/U bottom to choose)500pcs*10boxes/carton500070*25*347

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