500 mL Conical Centrifuge Bottle

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Description of 500 mL Centrifuge Bottle

500 mL centrifuge bottles are made of high-clarity polypropylene for tubes and HDPE for sealing caps. They are the largest volume of all centrifuge tubes.

Features of 500mL Conical Centrifuge Tubes

  • The bottom shape of 500mL tubes is generally conical. The v-shaped bottoms make it easier to draw samples from smaller surface areas and are ideal for any laboratory.
  • The bottom of the flat and round shapes can be manufactured for your needs as well.
  • It can conduct large-capacity sample tests, save experimental time, and be very efficient.
  • 500mL centrifuge flasks are all sterilized by electronic beam. They are all non-pyrogenic, and DNase and RNase free, which ensures the accuracy of your test.
  • 500 mL centrifuge bottle has a tight cap seal, and the twist-on cap can well protect the sample from spillage or evaporation and external contamination that threatens the accuracy of the experimental data.
  • The bag package is provided, and bags are lighter and easier to access for large bottles. It has 2pcs in one bag, and 20bags in a carton.
  • 500mL centrifuge tubes have clear graduation lines and can reflect the sample volume in real time. It is convenient to control sample usage and observe the response of sample volume in experiments.


500 mL Centrifuge Bottle

Freezing samples, incubating samples, and separating pieces.

There are also 2mL centrifuge tubes, 1.5mL centrifuge tubes, 15mL centrifuge tubes, 50mL conical centrifuge tubes, and 250mL centrifuge tubes provided for your needs. Hawach focuses on producing high-quality and industry-standard products, 500mL conical centrifuge tubes are totally worthy of your lab. We are sure to have the right centrifuge tubes for your research needs!

Specifications and Parameters:

Model No.DescriptionPackPcs/Carton
CF-500500ml Centrifuge bottles8pcs*5bags/carton40

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