50mL Centrifuge Tubes

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Description of 50mL Centrifuge Tubes

50mL centrifuge tubes are often used to separate particles. The biological suspension in the round-bottom centrifuge tube rotates at a high speed, and submicroscopic particles sink at a certain speed under the great centrifugal force, so they can be separated.

Features of 50mL Tube Centrifuge

  • The tubes can meet the requirements of analytical grade standards.
  • They are equipped with a screw cap for sealing. 50mL test tube with screw cap is easy to tighten and has good sealing performance, which prevents sample volatilization or leakage.
  • There are clear scale lines and white writing areas on the centrifuge tube body, the marking is clear, and the process of use and inspection can be carried out quickly.
  • The material is compliant with USP class-6, and there are no heavy metals contained.
  • 50mL test tube with screw cap for centrifuge accepts sterile centrifuge tubes, pyrogen-free packaging, and custom-sized service.
  • 50mL tubes for centrifuge are sterile, cytotoxic-free, pyrogen-free, DNase- and RNase-free.
  • Microcentrifuge tubes have press caps with a locker, but 50mL centrifuge tubes are equipped with screw caps.


Centrifuge technology is used for the separation and preparation of various biological products and biological science.

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Specifications and Parameters:

Model No.Descriptionpcs/cartonG.W.(kg)Carton Size(cm)
CT-15-SB15mL centrifuge tubes, Sterilized 25pcs*20shelves/carton5004.551*21*31
CT-15-SD15mL centrifuge tubes, Sterilized 25pcs*20bags/carton500551*21*31

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