Conductive Pipette Tips

Introduction of Conductive Pipette Tips

  • Hawach conductive pipette tips used virgin medical conductive polypropylene with low absorption for liquid-level detection.
  • The conductive pipette tips are highly polished molds with smooth surfaces to avoid sample retention. They have been verified to ensure reliable liquid handling performance.
  • All conductive tips are inspected and checked to ensure consistency, accuracy, and precision. They are high accuracy, have easy operation, and are the optimal choice for customers.
  • The filter inside the tips can prevent contamination of pipettes. It’s suitable when contamination is a concern and filters can prevent cross-contamination of samples and pipettes.
  • We have a 50μL-1000μL conductive tips volume range for your option. The conductive filter tips can be used for genomics, proteomics, cytomics, immunoassay, metabolomics, biopharmaceutical research, and development.
  • The electron beam sterilization process maintains tips safe and fast, without chemical residue.
  • The outer packing with high-strength bubble shell material, enlarged wall thickness, and anti-impact and anti-drop guarantee the integrity and safety of the conductive filter tips under harsh transportation conditions.
  • We provide wholesale conductive tips and OEM service is also available.

Tecan and Hamilton Conductive Filter Tips

Hawach divided conductive pipette tips into Tecan tips and Hamilton tips for your demand. And rack package and blister 5 rack package are optional for both on your table.

Tecan Tips

tecan tips tecan pipette tips tecan liha tips

We supply Tecan conductive tips with or without filters for your needs.

Conductive tips fit Tecan Genesis Freedom®, Freedom Evo®, and Miniprep with Liha® Workstations.

Tecan tips have volume choices on 50uL, 200uL, and 1000uL.

Hamilton Tips

hamilton pipette tips hamilton 50ul tips hamilton tips

Hamilton conductive tips are produced tips with the filter or without the filter as well.

Hamilton tips can be used for most Hamilton pipettes in the market.

Hamilton tips 50uL, 300uL, and 1000uL are supplied.

Portfolio of Hawach Conductive Tips

Combining years of experience and continually updated technology makes the pipette system improve accuracy and precision, so as to provide consistent, repeatable results to you.

Hawach conductive tips have demonstrated excellent work efficiency and ergonomic experience in applications in thousands of laboratories around the world. Come and be part of us!

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