Micro Pipettes

Mechanical and Electronic Pipette

Available in Single and Multi-Channel

Introduction of Micro Pipette:

Micro pipette is commonly used in laboratories to transfer tiny amounts of liquid samples. Generally, there are electronic types and mechanical pipettes. Hawach microliter pipette has many specifications, which can meet different daily experimental pipetting needs. And we also offer two types of pipette stands that are ideal for pipette storage temporarily.

Electronic Micro Pipettes:

  • The electronic micro pipette is a single channel pipette and has very lightweight for holding easily.
  • It has high accuracy and is easy to operate.
  • It can be automatically calibrated, saving time and energy spent on experiments and improving work efficiency.

Mechanical Microliter Pipette:

  • Mechanical pipette micro transferring type is available in single, 8, and 12-channel versions.
  • This microliter pipette can be divided into standard and advanced models. It is also divided into semi-autoclave and fully autoclaves to provide customers with various options to meet different needs.
  • This pipette has adjustable and fixed selections for volume range.
  • It can be applied to a wide range of volumes, from 5μL to 5mL.

Pipette Holder:

  • It can place various pipette micro-transferring types to keep them vertical. If there is undischarged sample liquid, using the pipette stand to hold the microliter pipette can avoid sample contamination and damage to your precious pipettes.
  • Round and liner pipette stands are provided. You can pick one according to your preference.
  • Both stands can hold up to six microliter pipettes. It takes up little space but keeps your lab organized and provides easy access to pipettes.

Portfolio of Hawach Micro Pipettes:

Hawach provides high-quality micro pipettes and stands, and our thoughtful products are worthy of your choice and expectation!

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