100 Microliter Pipette

1000 microliter pipette is 1mL micro pipette. It’s remarkable for transferring liquids!


  • The 1000 microliter pipette can be considered to be able to handle large-capacity pipetting work in a micropipette. It has remarkable performance for transferring liquids
  • There are convenient electric models and single-channel manual models with adjustable volumes to meet your 1mL pipetting needs.
  • Hawach’s 1000 microliter pipette also has a filter version to meet the needs of the market.
  • It has been strictly sterilized and has no external contamination, which can meet strict experimental conditions and is an ideal choice for pipetting operations.

Maximum Systematic Error

  • The 100-1000uL electronic pipette has 1000uL volume test and its increment is 5uL. The inaccuracy is low to 5.00uL and the inaccuracy rate is 0.50%. The maximum permissible random error is 1.5 S.D.(uL), and its imprecision rate is 0.15 CV%.
  • 1000uL volume test increment of 100-1000uL adjustable pipette is 5uL. And the maximum permissible systematic error is 6uL, the inaccuracy is 0.60%. The maximum permissible random error is 2uL, and its imprecision rate is 0.20%.
  • The 1000uL test maximum permissible systematic error of 200-1000uL adjustable pipette is 6uL, the inaccuracy is 0.60%. The maximum permissible random error is 2uL, and its imprecision is 0.20%. The increment is 5uL.
  • Here is a 50uL increment in 1000-5000uL adjustable pipette for the 1000uL transfer test. The maximum permissible systematic error is 7uL, its inaccuracy is 0.70%, and the maximum permissible random error is 3uL, and the imprecision is 0.30%.

Hawach 1000 microliter pipette is produced with great care, using the most suitable high-grade materials and ergonomic design, only to provide you with the best pipetting experience.

Specifications and Parameters:

Item CodeDescriptionVolumeSpecificationPcs/Pack
SLEPSA13Electronic Pipette100-1000μlUSA plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA14Cn plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA15Euro plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA16UK plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1

Mechanical Pipette

Item CodeDescriptionVolumeSpecificationPcs/Pack
SLTSA008Standard Adjustable pipette100-1000μlHalf autoclavable1
SLMSA008Advanced Adjustable pipette100-1000μl1
SLPSA008Advanced Plus Adjustable pipette100-1000μlAutoclavable1
SLTSF010Standard Fixed Volume pipette1000μlHalf autoclavable1
SLMSF010Advanced Fixed Volume pipette1000μl1
SLPSF010Advanced Plus Fixed Volume pipette1000μlAutoclavable1
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