5 Microliter Pipette

Here has excellent 5uL pipettes supplying, and various options are all for your lab demands!


  • The 5 uL pipette can meet the daily micro pipetting needs and is easy to operate, it is a very good choice for you.
  • Both electric pipettes and manual pipettes have a capacity of 5 uL, single channel and multichannel pipettes with 8 and 12 channels can also be used as 5 microliter pipettes. And the variety of options is provided to customers to meet different experimental needs.
  • The electronic pipette has a range of 5-50uL to meet the pipetting needs of 5uL.
  • Manual pipettes have adjustable volumes to meet 5uL sample transfers, as well as 5 microliter pipettes with fixed volumes.
  • For the adjustable single channel pipette, there are 0.5-10uL, and 5-50uL volume range to test 5uL.

Maximum Systematic Error

  • The maximum permissible systematic error of 0.5-10uL adjustable pipette for 5uL test volume is 0.075uL and the inaccuracy rate is 1.50%. and its maximum permissible random error is also 0.075uL and the imprecision rate is the same as the inaccuracy rate.
  • 1uL and 2.00% are tested in a 5-50 uL adjustable pipette for maximum permissible systematic error and its inaccuracy rate of 5uL. And the maximum permissible random error and the imprecision rate are also 0.1uL and 2.00%.
  • The 5uL single channel fixed pipette has 0.065uL inaccuracy and 0.06uL imprecision. The rate is 1.30% in maximum permissible systematic error, and 1.20% in maximum permissible random error.
  • The 5-50uL electronic pipette: For 5uL test volume under the condition of 0.1uL increment, the inaccuracy is ±0.14uL, which is 2.75%. And the imprecision is 0.08 S.D.(uL), and 1.5cv%.
  • The increment is 0.1uL and the maximum permissible systematic error of the 0.5-10uL multiple channel pipette is only 0.125uL in the test of 5uL, and the error rate is as low as 2.50%. The maximum permissible random error is the same as the maximum permissible systematic error.
  • For the 5-50uL multiple channel pipette, the increment is 0.5uL and the maximum permissible systematic error is 0.15uL in the test of 5uL, and the error rate is 3.00%. The maximum permissible random error is 0.1uL, which makes the rate is 2.00%.

Hawach 5 microliter pipette is a conscientious product produced for the experimental needs of customers, hoping to provide you with the best experimental experience.

Specifications and Parameters:

Item CodeDescriptionVolumeSpecificationPcs/Pack
SLEPSA01Electronic Pipette0.5-10μlUSA plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA02Cn plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz11
SLEPSA03Euro plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA04UK plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA055-50μlUSA plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA06Cn plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA07Euro plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA08UK plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1

Mechanical Pipette

Item CodeDescriptionVolumeSpecificationPcs/Pack
SLTSA002Standard Adjustable pipette0.5-10μlHalf autoclavable1
SLMSA002Advanced Adjustable pipette0.5-10μl1
SLPSA002Advanced Plus Adjustable pipette0.5-10μlAutoclavable1
SLTSF001Standard Fixed Volume pipette5μlHalf autoclavable1
SLMSF001Advanced Fixed Volume pipette5μl1
SLPSF001Advanced Plus Fixed Volume pipette5μlAutoclavable1
SLTEA001Standard 8 channel Adjustable Volume0.5-10μlHalf autoclavable1
SLMEA001Advanced 8 channel Adjustable Volume0.5-10μl1
SLPEA001Advanced Plus 8 channel Adjustable Volume0.5-10μlAutoclavable1
SLTTA001Standard 12 channel Adjustable Volume0.5-10μlHalf autoclavable1
SLMTA001Advanced 12 channel Adjustable Volume0.5-10μl1
SLPTA001Advanced Plus 12 channel Adjustable Volume0.5-10μlAutoclavable1
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