Linear and Carousel Pipette Stand

SLPSL001: 1pc/pack

SLPSR001: 1pc/pack

Description of Pipette Stand

Hawach pipette stand can become a resting place for pipettes when they are not in use. And all our production processes are carried out to the highest standards. Using it prevents the pipette from being damaged by improper storage, resulting in a greatly increased service life.

Features of Pipette Holder Stand

  • A pipette holder stand is a suitable place for pipettes to rest when not in use, keeping them free from contamination.
  • Each product is produced through a strict technological process, suitable for use in a variety of different experimental sites.
  • Its stable design can support 6 pipettes at the same time, and neatly placed pipettes can keep your laboratory organized.
  • The cost of adding a pipette stand is only a small part, but it can greatly improve the service life of the pipette, which is very good for the maintenance of the gun body. This can avoid the trouble and unnecessary expenditure of replacing the pipette after a short service life.
  • The linear pipette holder is a neat line after filling the pipette, which is convenient for you to mark and use your pipettes.
  • The free-rotating carousel pipette holder provides a separate groove for each pipette, which is convenient and safe to place and take, and is not easy to fall.

Hawach produces universal pipette stands, which have linear and carousel types. It is suitable for basically all pipettes and can stably hang single-channel and multi-channel pipettes. Our stand is stable, convenient, and provides optimal placement for your pipettes!

Specifications and Parameters:

Item CodeSpecificationPcs/Pack
SLPSL001Linear Stand, Holds up to 6 Pipettes1
SLPSR001Round Stand, Fits MicroPipette Plus1

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