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Electronic Pipette

Volume Range: 0.5-10μL, 5-50μL, 30-300μL, 100-1000μL

Description of Electronic Pipette

Electronic pipette is professional high-quality, high-precision, fully autoclavable vented digital pipettes. It is single channel type. The single channel electronic pipette is very corrosion-resistant and is made of high-quality material with good chemical stability. The single channel electronic pipette is light in weight and effortless to pick up, which guarantees easy and convenient handling. The design conforms to the hand grip of the human body, which can ensure an excellent experience during operation. Its grip is also padded to isolate the heat transfer of the human body as much as possible, so as not to affect the accuracy of the experimental data, and to ensure the best pipetting operation to the greatest extent.


  • The good performance of an electronic single channel pipette can save time, and the pipetting is very convenient and fast.
  • The ergonomic hand-held design of the digital pipette can bring a comfortable and pleasant pipetting experience for you.
  • The digital pipette is digitally controlled and powered by electricity, which is very accurate and easy to use.
  • It’s packed with features and easy to set up and operate.
  • The electronic pipette uses a rechargeable lithium battery, which is very durable and can be used for a long time.
  • It has a built-in high-quality motor with good repeatability and high precision, and will not cause too many human errors like manual pipetting.
  • This product can be automatically calibrated by connecting it to a computer via USB, with low maintenance costs and no need for additional calibration services.
  • Its display screen is located on the body of the pipette, which is consistent with the display mode of the manual pipette and conforms to the previous consistent pipetting operation habits.
  • The suction and discharge speeds of the electronic pipette can be adjusted according to your experimental needs.
  • There are four models of single channel electronic pipette, pipette range from 0.5μL to 1000μL.

Hawach single-channel electronic pipette is a very precise portable electronic pipette, which can efficiently complete daily pipetting work. We have a complete range of pipettes, including electric style and manual style, single-channel and multi-channel, and models with adjustable tip spacing. Our factory is specialized in the production of electric pipettes, has legal production qualifications, and the quality of our products is guaranteed. We look forward to communicating with you and are welcome to meet more long-term partners!

Specifications and Parameters:

Item codeProduct nameVolumeSpecificationPcs/Pack
SLEPSA01Electronic Pipette0.5-10μlUSA plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA02Cn plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz11
SLEPSA03Euro plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA04UK plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA055-50μlUSA plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA06Cn plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA07Euro plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA08UK plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA0930-300μlUSA plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA10Cn plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA11Euro plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA12UK plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA13100-1000μlUSA plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA14Cn plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA15Euro plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA16UK plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1

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