Some Advantages of PP Pipette Tips You Need to Know

PP pipette tips are a consumable commonly used when handling liquid samples. It is used with a pipette and can be installed and removed freely. There are so many different types of pipette tips on the market that it can often be confusing to choose what is best for the experiment. Checking material is a key point in pipette tip selection. When you need to buy pipette tips, PP material will be your best choice. Here’s a look at the advantages of PP pipette tips.

PP Pipette Tips Advantages:

  • 1000μL filtered pipette tipsPP material has good chemical stability. It doesn’t react easily with other solutions. The surface of products made of this material is smooth, so there is less residue. This can reduce the error of operation data very well.
  • PP pipette tips guarantee a low risk of contamination during operation. It is generally sterilized and there are also pipette tips with filters. The filter inside the tips also protects the pipette to a large extent, making the pipette more durable. Moreover, the disposable pipette tips can be replaced after use, which can well avoid the cross-contamination of liquid sample operation.
  • The optional volumes of the PP pipette tip are generally diverse. From very small amounts to large volumes you can find in the market. This product does well in meeting customer needs in different capacities.
  • And it has a high degree of compatibility, the universal pipette tips can be widely applied to most single-channel and multi-channel pipettes.
  • It has high semi-transparency, you can clearly see the transferred solution. So if the liquid sample is contaminated, measures can be taken in time.
  • The production technology of the whole industry is very mature, and the PP pipette tips have a very high accuracy. Reusable tips are also more repeatable.
    It is easy to operate. Beginners can also learn quickly without the high cost of time to learn to use.

Hawach Pipette Tips:

Hawach PP pipette tips are made of high-quality pure PP, produced in line with industry standards. All the tips we have were produced in a 100,000-class cleaning room. It is guaranteed to be free of contamination. Low absorption tips, sterile/non-sterile pipette tips, and pipette tips with filters/without filters are all available. We produce a variety of sizes for customers to choose from. You can choose 10uL, 20uL, 100uL, 200uL, 1000uL, 1250uL, or large-volume pipette tips according to your laboratory requirements. And Rack, bag, and stack packages are all provided. In addition, we also have OEM services and mass wholesale for you. Hawach PP pipette tip is a great choice for you.

PP pipette tip has a lot of advantages, and this article may not be complete. But there are more tangible advantages that you can find in experiments. Actual experience will capture your heart more than words. PP pipette tips can meet most requirements of pipette tip selection. We hope you can choose Hawach if you need to buy it. Click “Contact Us” at the top of the page to know our contact information, your call and email are our expectations. We look forward to becoming a long-term partner with you.