Select Cell Culture Consumables

All experiments require laboratory consumables, and cell culture consumables need special attention and careful selection for culturing cells. Nowadays, there are too many laboratory consumables products and suppliers in the world. Many people may really confused about how to choose so they can choose what they need most when purchasing lab consumables. Today is about the purchase of cell culture equipment. Other consumables selection guides may continue to be updated in the days to come. You are welcome to continue to pay attention to our website to provide you with more valuable content. Here are some tips for buying cell culture consumables:

Experimental Plan

Choosing the right consumables starts with determining the type of cells you want to grow and how the cells will be grown. There are two categories of adherent cells and suspension cells, and different cells have different requirements for cell culture consumables. Adherent cells generally use TC-treated consumables, while the growth of suspension cells does not necessarily require TC treatment. Suspension cells are more suitable for culture in cell culture flasks. For adherent cells, cell culture dishes and cell culture dishes are better options. The size you want to cultivate and whether you choose to cultivate in small groups or in a unified mass can also affect your purchase.

Reliable Consumables Company

The production of laboratory consumables needs to comply with production specifications. When we purchase cell culture consumables, we should also pay attention to whether the companies and manufacturers selling consumables are legitimate. You can determine by looking at the qualification certificate of the company you want to work with, or you can choose a famous brand in the industry and a company with better peer feedback. You can also buy more products from several companies and use them for comparison at the beginning. During the experiment, you can choose the most suitable one for long-term cooperation. Our company’s long-term partners do this, so they have maintained a stable business dealing relationship with our company.

Type and Parameter Specifications

graduated conical flaskLarge-scale cell culture experiments require consumables with a larger culture area, while small-scale experiments choose consumables with a smaller area. According to the cell culture scale, determine the specific specifications of the consumables. Common cell culture consumables include cell culture plates, cell culture flasks, cell culture dishes, conical culture flasks, centrifuge tubes, pipettes, pipette tips, etc. These consumables have their own characteristics. When choosing the type of consumables and parameter specifications, it should be comprehensively considered in combination with personal operating preferences, experimental needs, cell culture methods, culture scale, laboratory conditions, and other factors. Cells are relatively delicate, so when purchasing, you can choose to buy the most suitable and best quality consumables within the economic allowable range. Instead of delaying the experiment because of bad consumables, it is better to spend more money on good products for your time, energy, and experimental quality.

The above are all the purchase guides for cell culture consumables. We hope everyone can have a clear plan when purchasing. We wish you all the best of luck in getting the right lab supplies and all your experiments. Our company is also looking forward to cooperating with you.