How to Choose Cell Culture Flask

The choice of consumables like cell culture flasks is essential when you are preparing for cell culture operations. Among the consumables for culturing cells, the cell culture flask is one of the most used. Cell culture flasks are designed for the propagation of microorganisms, animal cells, etc. Its material is usually medical-grade optically clear polystyrene. The cell culture flask has a square body and a wide neck, which is very convenient for harvesting cells. The shape provides good access for pipettes and cell scrapers. And it usually uses a screw-sealed cap, which can effectively isolate the possibility of contamination of the cell growth environment. Though, a vented cap flask is also provided. A cell culture flask is a worthy choice among cell culture consumables.

Choose A Cell Culture Flask Size

Cell culture flask

Generally speaking, the choice of cell culture flask is mainly determined by the size. In terms of specifications, the common ones are 25cm2, 75cm2, 175cm2, and 225cm2. Different specifications have different application scenarios.

  • Small-sized cell culture flasks are mainly used for cell recovery and small-scale cell expansion and are often used in the early stage of cell culture. And it can also be used as a storage container, such as for storing various red blood cells.
  • The larger-size cell culture flasks are mainly used for medium-scale cell culture. For large-scale culture, the number of consumables can be increased, or other cell culture consumables such as cell culture plates can be used to assist.

Other Condition

  • In addition to size selection, other aspects of selection are also an important part of choosing a suitable cell culture flask. For example, the manufacturer or the sales company when you buy the product, the easiest is to choose an old brand manufacturer in the industry or some new companies with good reputations. For old brand manufacturers, all aspects are relatively complete, and the product quality is relatively stable, but there will be a certain brand premium, and the price will be slightly higher. New companies generally focus more on building word-of-mouth to retain customers, and the prices are usually more favorable. If you are concerned about product quality, you can ask for relevant production qualification certificates. Don’t worry if there is a certificate issued, there will be industry quality testing to ensure. You can decide according to your needs.
  • And about the sealing, there are vented cap flasks and sealed cap flasks. You can choose according to your cell culture needs. Plasma treatment is another thing worth noticing. If there are other special requirements, OEM service can help you realize the requirements. You can choose the company that provides this service.

That’s all about how to choose a cell culture flask, hope it helps. If you have purchase needs, Hawach hopes to have the honor to provide you with our cell culture flask. All our cell culture consumables are carefully selected raw materials and strictly control each production link. Sincerely look forward to your trust in our products and long-term cooperation with us.