How To Balance A Centrifuge

A centrifuge is a very common machine in the laboratory, which can be used for the rapid separation of certain components in a sample. Its correct use is very important, especially the balance problem. When using the centrifuge, you will hear the prompts from the seniors: be sure to balance before starting. Next, let’s talk about the reasons for balancing and how to balance a centrifuge.

Why Balance Centrifuge

So why do we balance the centrifuge? The centrifuge is driven by the motor to simulate the action of gravity, and you can know whether it is balanced by listening to whether there is any abnormality in the running sound. If no balanced sample is placed, the rotating shaft will be greatly worn in the long run, which will affect the service life of the centrifuge. When the imbalance is large, it is easy to have an accident, and it may also cause the sample to fly out and cause great damage, ranging from the loss of precious samples to serious damage to the body of the scientific researcher.

If you are worried about forgetting when you are operating, you can first check whether the centrifuge in your laboratory has an imbalance detection function. This function can serve as an auxiliary reminder, and everyone should develop a good experimental habit of centrifuging and remembering to balance.

How To Balance A Centrifuge

First, adjust the sample volume to be the same, and then consider the balance of placement.

  • Single and double tubes: Microcentrifuges generally need to be placed symmetrically. If you only need to centrifuge one tube of sample, you can divide it into two tubes, or use the same type of centrifuge tube to fill the same volume of liquid and place it in a symmetrical direction.
  • Three tubes: put them in the holes that can be connected to form an equilateral triangle, which is a relatively balanced and stable state.
  • Four tubes: The upper and lower holes can be emptied in the six-hole centrifuge, and placed in the remaining four holes. Can be placed in wells that can form squares in a twelve-well centrifuge. In a 30-hole centrifuge, two groups are placed in two adjacent holes at the left and right ends of the line of symmetry.
  • Five tubes: In the 30-hole centrifuge, first put the three tubes in balance, and then put the fourth tube next to any one of the three tubes. The last tube is placed directly opposite the fourth tube. The line connecting the fourth pipe and the fifth pipe just bisects the entire circle. It is better to make five tubes into six tubes for better operation.

  • Six tubes: For six-hole and twelve-hole centrifuges, the six tubes are placed in the six holes that can form a standard hexagon. Place six tubes in a 30-hole centrifuge and divide them into two groups. The three tubes in the two groups are placed at both ends of the symmetrical point, and the three tubes in each group are adjacent.
  • Seven tubes: The placement method is similar to that of five tubes. It’s just that the sixth and seventh tubes of the seven tubes are added next to the fifth and sixth tubes respectively, and the two form a group, and the positions of the two groups just bisect the circle.
  • Eight and ten tubes: The placement method is the same as that of the two tubes, but it needs to be divided into two groups first, and then placed in a symmetrical position like the two tubes. The same is true for the placement of the nine tubes with reference to the three tubes.

Balancing needs to find a way, mainly to find the balance state. If there are more tube sample preparations that need help, we are also willing to help you.

In order to avoid the potential danger caused by unbalanced, the laboratory can purchase products that will automatically detect whether the balance is balanced, and it will remind or stop automatically. It can ensure safety in the experiment and avoid additional damage to the centrifuge. In short, the centrifuge tube of the centrifuge must be balanced so that the experiment can be carried out smoothly. If you need any centrifuge tubes for centrifugation, please contact us, we can provide you with quality guaranteed products.