How to Check pH Value of Water

The overall range of pH is 0-14, and the general pH test paper range is often 0-14. This is the whole range, for different substances, there will be a specific range of test paper. When something has a pH outside its normal range, there are a few things to watch out for. When the pH of the water is outside its normal range, it is an indication that the water quality has been compromised. Changes in the body’s pH can indicate a possible health problem. This article is mainly to answer questions about pH test. First of all, it’s how to check pH value of water.

Check pH Value of Water

  • 0-14 Universal pH Test paperThe quality of drinking water directly affects our health. The pH value is a key indicator of water quality testing and the most direct reflection of water quality changes. Pure water has a neutral pH of 7. Water in nature is usually mixed with other substances, so there will be some changes in pH. For example, rainwater is usually weakly acidic, while surface water with high mineral content is usually weakly alkaline.
  • The method of using test paper to test water quality is more suitable for individuals and families. You can intuitively get the pH value by comparing it with the color reference standard attached to the kit. Weak alkaline water is better for the human body, and the pH value of the water quality test is between 7 and 8, which often indicates that the water quality is relatively healthy. The standard pH range of drinking water in China is between 6.5-8.5, and water within this pH range is suitable for drinking.

Some Different pH Values of Human

  • Blood is slightly alkaline, with a pH of about 7.4.
  • The normal pH range of urine is between 4.5 and 8.
  • The normal pH range of saliva is between 6.2 and 7.6.
  • Normal amniotic fluid is alkaline, with a pH range of 7.0 to 7.5. There are also some changes according to the different gestational ages.
  • The normal vaginal environment is slightly acidic, with a pH value usually less than 4.5. Most women have a vaginal pH between 3.8 and 4.4.

Why does Strip Color Change after pH Test

Because there is carbon dioxide in the air, it dissolves in water and becomes acidic. Thereby changing the acidity and alkalinity of the original solution. The acidity and alkalinity change so the color of the test paper will change. Generally, it is recommended to complete the observation and obtain the results within half a minute, so that the results obtained are more accurate.

Should pH Strip Be Immersed in Solution

  • Standard operation is not to immerse in liquid. Some of the indicator on the test paper will dissolve in the reagent, which may contaminate the reagent.
  • The standard operation in chemical experiments is to dip a small amount of liquid into the center of the test paper with a glass rod. Then observe the color and compare it with the color chart.

The range of pH value is 0-14, and the 0-14 range pH test paper can be used in many ways. If you need accurate pH test paper with a specific range, Hawach is committed to providing the best quality consumables for the laboratory, among which it provides customers with a wide range of pH test paper, and looks forward to cooperation. For more details, please visit our website, or contact us directly by email or phone.