How to Choose A Serological Pipette

Choosing the right serological pipette can make the experimental operation more smooth and more worry-free. Serological pipettes are also a relatively common consumable in laboratories, which are also called disposable pipettes. The selection of this equipment needs to be observed from these aspects, and the following contents will be introduced one by one.

Choose Serological Pipette Material

  • 25mL serological pipetteFirst, you need to look at the material of the product you are browsing. Material is the most basic aspect to pay attention to. Because the material of the product is in direct contact with the sample, if there is a problem with the material, it may contaminate the sample and destroy the test progress.
  • For serological pipettes, virgin PS is the best choice because it is transparent and chemically stable. It does not react easily with other solutions and will not clutter your experiments.
  • The product of this material has a smooth and even surface. The adsorption rate of liquid samples is low, and the accuracy of experimental results is high.
  • The serological pipette made of PS has a high surface, which is convenient for observing the state of the sample. If there are pollutants, further pollution can be prevented in time.

Serological Pipette Volumes

  • Then you need to choose the serological pipette’s capacity. Serological pipettes are available in a wide range of capacities, and there are many choices. You can choose according to your experimental needs.
  • Common volumes of serological pipettes are: 1.0mL, 2.0mL, 5.0mL, 10.0mL, 25.0mL, 50.0mL

More Need to Notice

  • 50mL serological pipetteAnother aspect that needs to be paid attention to is its nozzle selection. Manufacturers often provide welded nozzles and stretched nozzles to meet different market needs.
  • The sterilization of serological pipettes also needs attention. Products sterilized by electron beam can better ensure no pollution and will not affect the experimental results.
  • Serological pipettes with built-in filters can provide better assurance of the accuracy of your experimental results.
  • The other is the tick mark that needs to be viewed. You need to see whether the scale on the tube body is precise, whether the markings are even, and what level of accuracy is the scale.
  • You should also read the product description carefully to determine if it is compatible with the pipette you are using.
  • Pay attention to its production factory environment introduction and product quality inspection report to ensure that the products you buy meet the standards.
  • When it comes to product packaging, it is your best bet that each serological pipette has its own individual packaging. The product packaged in this way is convenient for you to take at any time without worrying about external contamination.

You need to pay attention to the above when choosing a serological pipette, and we hope to help you when purchasing. We wish you can get the most suitable products. Hawach serological pipettes are of very good quality and you can also consider our products if you need them. Looking forward to establishing a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with you, and we look forward to being your friend.