How to Choose Deep Well Plates

The aspects to be paid attention to choose deep well plates will be explained in this article. It is often used in the laboratory, so choosing a deep well plate with content is very important. Deep well micro-plates are based on the size of ordinary micro-plates. While keeping the length and width in line with SBS specifications, the depth of the well is increased to increase the volume of each well.

The Material of Deep Well Plates

  • 2.2 ml deep well plate

    For this product, the common ones on the market are generally made of medical PP material.

  • This material has high toughness and is easy to form.
  • And it has stable chemical properties and can withstand low temperature, high temperature, and high pressure.
  • It can withstand high-temperature sterilization.
  • It is low-temperature resistant material and can store samples.
  • Moreover, the square shape can be stacked together in large quantities during storage, and they are tightly seamed, which not only is stable and does not worry about the sample spilling but also saves space.
  • Deep well plates provide even, smooth surfaces with low sample carryover.

Deep Wells of the Micro-Plates

  • When choosing deep-well plates, pay attention to the number of wells. The common ones can be divided into 96-well deep plates and 384-well deep plates. You can choose according to your experimental needs.
  • And each well also has a different shape, there are two types of wells: square wells and round wells.
  • And the bottom of the well also needs to be selected. The shape of bottom of the well will be U-shaped and V-shaped to meet the needs of different customers.
  • Another important point is the choice of capacity, there are often 1.2mL and 2.2mL two capacity specifications for you to choose from
  • It is also necessary to select a reliable manufacturer to ensure that the bottom and side walls of the received board have a uniform thickness and a consistent aperture size, which will not cause errors in the experiment.

Other Aspects

  • Some manufacturers will produce deep-well plates with digital identification to facilitate the identification of different wells in experiments, which is conducive to observation and recording. You can choose whether you need this according to your needs.
  • When choosing a deep well plate, remember to make sure it’s made to SBS regulations. Only products with specifications that meet the standard have better consistency and can be stacked without worrying about being unstable.
  • It is also possible to determine whether the tightness is reliable or not. The orifice plate that meets the standard is flat and uniform, which can ensure the sealing effectiveness.
  • In terms of sealing, the best choice for deep well plates is a magnetic rod. When choosing deep well plates, you can also check whether the manufacturer provides a suitable magnetic rod, which can save you time to choose.

That’s all for choosing deep well micro-plates. If you want to find out more about them, you can keep up with our updates. We provide customers with a variety of high-quality consumables for laboratories all year round. We produce RNase-free, DNA-free, pyrogen-free, and high-quality deep-well plates and matching magnetic rods. We welcome customers who have the intention of cooperation to inquire!