How to Clean Cell Flasks

Cell culture flasks are produced to grow healthy cells ready for experiments. In order to meet the different requirements of experiments and the needs of different cell types, cell flasks are available in various specifications. It is convenient for customers to choose a suitable tissue culture flask. Hawach provides 25cm2, 75cm2, 175cm2, 225cm2 cell flasks, all of which have undergone vacuum plasma treatment. Each specification provides two options of vent cap and sealed cap. If you have selected a suitable flask, you may encounter the problem of how to clean it. The following sections will introduce the method for cleaning cell flasks:

How to Clean Cell Culture Flasks

175 Cell culture flaskScrubbing: First soak the used bottle in detergent for at least 6 hours. The next step is to gently brush the utensils soaked in detergent to clean the impurities on the surface with a soft brush. Then rinse with clean water several times to make sure it is clean. Finally dry the scrubbed flasks.

Soak in acid: After drying, soak in acid solution, this step can completely remove residual trace impurities. Wait overnight before removing the cell culture flask. After taking it out, it needs to be rinsed with tap water about ten times immediately. If it is not washed with tap water immediately, some protein may dry up and adhere to the bottle wall, which is difficult to clean. After rinsing with tap water, rinse with single distilled water and double distilled water three times each. Finally, the bottles that have completed the above steps are dried.

Packaging: Take out the washed flask after drying and wrap it in kraft paper. This is done for sterilized storage and to prevent re-contamination of dust and flasks.

Autoclave disinfection: Take out the packaged utensils one day before use. If there are more, you can mark them first, and then put them into the pressure cooker. After covering the lid of the pressure cooker, make sure everything is normal before opening the switch and safety valve. After the steam from the safety valve is in a straight line for 3-5 minutes, close the safety valve. When the pointer of the barometer points to 15 pounds, maintain it for about 20 minutes.

Drying: High-pressure sterilization will cause steam to get wet, so it must be dried again before use. After taking it out, spray the whole bottle with alcohol from top to bottom and store it for later use.

This is the whole process of cleaning cell flask. The plastic culture flask can be used repeatedly for about three times. If the bottom of the bottle is found to be scratched, it is best not to put it into the experiment again, it will have a relatively large impact. If you still have related questions or need related products like tissue culture dish, you can contact Hawach, and we will reply you as soon as possible.