How to Find the Right Pipette Tip?

Micro pipette tip is essential laboratory consumables that is compatible with pipettes. It can’t be sloppy to find. We need to choose the appropriate pipette tip so that we will not have problems due to tip errors when we use the pipette to work. This article will show you how to find the right pipette tip.

Micro Pipette Tip Volume

  • First of all, we need to determine the pipette tip capacity we need, and then go to the Internet to search for companies that provide the capacity you need to check further.
  • There are also things that need to be confirmed before then. Most of the common tips on the market now are universal pipette tips, basically if it is not a specially designed pipette, we don’t have to worry too much about the fitting problem. However, we still have to browse the details page to confirm when purchasing products. If we are not sure, we can also contact the merchant directly for consultation, which can better ensure that we can buy suitable pipette tips.
  • And let’s get down to business for the choice of capacity. Considering the problem of absorption, even the tip with low absorption is not 100% guaranteed to have no residue, and transfer the absorbed solution with 100% precise solution. Therefore, when purchasing tips, the capacity of the purchased tips can be slightly higher than the target pipetting volume. This also ensures that the solution does not risk contaminating the pipette tip.
  • The common pipette tips on the market are available from micro pipette tip to large volume pipette tip, which are 10μL, 200μL, 300μL, 1000μL, 1250μL, 5000μL, and 10000μL.

Production Infromation

  • Next, you need to choose a qualified, high-quality, and reliable manufacturer to purchase.
  • It is recommended that you choose tips made of high-quality PP, which is currently the best pipette tip material choice.
  • For the manufacturer you choose, please pay attention to check whether they have a production qualification certificate, whether they have passed the quality standard test, and check their factory production environment. Choose quality assurance under monitoring to ensure that you receive products with a smooth surface and no burrs or scratches.
  • Also, check whether their products are produced in a 100,000-level dust-free workshop, such a production environment can well avoid the risk of external pollution.

Other Aspects

  • Many extended-length plastic pipette tips are provided, if the laboratory equipment you use requires longer tips for safe pipetting, this is the right pipette tip for you.
  • Sterilization is recommended for you to choose. Tips without heat source, DNA, and RNA can better guarantee the accuracy of the experiment. Decide whether you need to purchase this type according to the requirements of your experiment.
  • Pipette tips with filters does a good job of isolating some contamination and protecting the pipette.
    Low adsorption rate is also available, you can choose according to your experiment requirements.

The above are some relevant references on how to find the right pipette tips. We wish you can choose the most suitable micro pipette tips and pipette smoothly. If you are considering purchasing now, Hawach can also be a good choice for you. Hawach’s pipette tips are strictly produced and of top quality, and we look forward to more long-term cooperation partners. Looking forward to hearing from you!