Proper Way to Use 96 Well Plate Adhesive Film

Sealing film is a transparent film used for sealing 96 or 384-well plates. It is often used for storage of experimental samples such as PCR, ELISA, and cell culture to ensure a good seal to prevent liquid evaporation and leakage. In order to ensure that the sealing film can play its own role to ensure the smoothness of the experiment, we need to understand its correct use method in order to better operate the well plate sealing. Today we will share the correct way to use 96 well plate adhesive film.

Prepare in Advance:

  • PCR Plates Sealing FilmWear sterile gloves and make sure the operating table is clean.
  • Take out the single sheet from the whole bag of sealing film purchased, and make sure to seal the remaining sealing film to keep it clean and isolated from external contamination.
  • Place the 96 well plate that needs to be sealed on the operating table, clean up the section that will be in contact with the sealing film later, and keep it dry.

Use 96 Well Plate Adhesive Sealing Film:

  • Peel off a small portion of one end of the backing paper, being careful not to touch its adhesive side from now on.
  • Fix the sticky side of the uncovered end of the 96 well plate cover film to the corresponding end of the plate first, and carefully adjust the position so that the edge is parallel to the edge of the plate to avoid subsequent sticking. This can also prevent curling and misalignment of the sealing film.
  • Then slowly peel off the remaining backing paper, and attach the remaining adhesive side to the plate.
  • Hold the pressure film board with one hand and hold the well plate with the other hand to avoid shaking.
  • Slowly press the surrounding area of the 96 well plate sealing film with a pressure film board, and then gradually scrape inward from the edge of the well plate to the corresponding edge to make the seal tighter. This operation can be performed twice horizontally and vertically, with a little force and continuous pressure to ensure a better seal. If you don’t have a special laminating board, you can find a hard card with smooth edges to do this step.
  • Be patient and press all the way to the whole, especially pay attention to the pressure between the wells.

Final check:

  • After the above operations are completed, another inspection is required to confirm the bonding between the film and the plate.
  • Whether it is tightly attached can be seen whether there are wrinkles and air bubbles in the sealing film. If these are observed, it needs to be adjusted or re-operated.
  • Identify around each well, the four edges of the plate, and the remaining area.
  • After checking for no errors, allow the sealed plates to sit for at least 10 minutes before running the experiment. It can give the 96 well plate sealing film and plates enough time to bond.

The above is all the operations about the correct use of the 96 well plate adhesive film, we hope it can be helpful to you. If you need to buy 96 well plate sealing film with excellent sealing force, Hawach hopes to provide you with our products.