Red Detection Solution and Sampling Swab

Have you ever noticed the red detection solution in the nucleic acid test bottle or the cotton swab? Have you ever been curious about what kind of liquid is like strawberry juice and what it does? Is there any difference between the sampling swab and the general cotton swab?

The process of testing is basically the same for everyone. First of all, the staff first uses a sample swab to sample from the throat or nasal cavity and then puts the sample swab in a sampling bottle with this red liquid. These samples will then be sent to a laboratory for testing for COVID-19. Now, here will introduce this red liquid and sample swab.

Nucleic Acid Red Detection Solution

  • The red detection solution in the nucleic acid sampling tube is called a virus nucleic acid preservation liquid, which can save our DNA sample on the saving.
  • One of the important components is guanidine salts. This is a commonly used protein denaturant, which can destroy the surface protein of the virus to expose the nucleic acid to be detected, which is conducive to detection.
  • In addition, there are inorganic salt components in the nucleic acid preservation solution, which are used to maintain a stable pH value of the preservation solution, and there are components that can ensure that the viral nucleic acid will not be cracked in a short time.
  • The preservation solution also contains a certain amount of preservatives, which can play a bactericidal effect.
  • As for why it is red, it is because of the addition of a reagent called phenol red. It is an acid-base indicator used to prevent contamination of the preservation solution. If the preservation solution is contaminated by bacteria, the pH value of the liquid will drop, and it will turn from red to yellow. That’s when people knew it needed to be replaced.

All in all, the main function of this red liquid similar to strawberry juice is to properly preserve the nucleic acid in the test sample and detect the virus in time. In fact, there are colorless and transparent nucleic acid detection liquids, but the red color is more eye-catching and can make obvious prompts and distinctions.

Sampling Swab

Let’s take a look at the sampling swabs that are different from ordinary cotton swabs now. Although it looks similar to a regular cotton swab, it is only slightly larger. Actually, there are many differences between these two. Nucleic acid sampling swabs are medical tools, which are different from ordinary cotton swabs in terms of materials and production standards. What follows is a brief introduction to sampling swabs.

  • The swab head used for nucleic acid is generally made of chemical synthetic fibers such as nylon. Its hand-held part is generally medical-grade plastic with breakpoints.
  • They are all medical supplies that meet national standards, and the production environment and production equipment have strict quality supervision standards.
  • It is non-toxic and harmless, will not affect the test results, and is easy to operate. It is often used for sampling virus or bacteria samples.
  • Sampling swabs are less absorbent than cotton swabs, easy to wash off, and easy to break.

The above is the introduction of nucleic acid red detection solution (preservation solution) and sampling swabs. Now you may understand why the red preservation solution is red and what it does. Also, understand that sampling swabs are different from regular cotton swabs. If you find it interesting you can share it with your friends. If you are engaged in the procurement of chemical laboratory consumables, our company is a manufacturer of laboratory consumables with very good quality products. If you have other laboratory consumables needs, you can contact us.