Single and Multichannel Pipette Disassembly

The pipette should be something familiar to all experimenters, much like a large press pen. When we were young, our desire to explore and curiosity to know what structure it is should have made us disassemble some pens. Do you know how to disassemble and reassemble the pipette which looks like a large pen? The next thing to show is about the disassembly and reassembly of the pipette take the single-channel pipette as an example.

Pipette Disassembly

  • Microliter PipetteFirst of all, a clean operating space should be prepared, the tray should be placed, and gloves should be worn.
  • To disassemble the upper part of the pipette, first take out its tip ejector, and then put it in a clean tray or rack.
  • If it is a pipette with adjustable volume, remember to adjust the volume of the pipette to the maximum.
  • Next, unscrew the nut that connects the white outer sleeve to the handle. At this time, keep the mouth of the barrel facing down, and gently lift the handle into the pallet.
  • Then press the tail of the piston with your fingers, turn the outer cylinder over to keep the mouth of the cylinder upward, and carefully take out the piston assembly inside. Then remove the sealing ring on the piston rod and put it into the storage tray.
  • Installing the pipette is the reverse of removing it.

Disassemble the lower part of the pipette into two plates: single-channel and multi-channel:

Disassemble Single Channel Pipette

Disassembly process of single channel pipette:

  • Start by pressing and holding the release button, then gently pull the lower half of the sleeve out. For Research plus, Xplorer, and Xplorer plus just press and hold the release button, while for Reference 2 you need to fully press the control button.
  • Push up according to the tip on the pipette, and carefully remove the lower part of the pipette.
  • Carefully remove the spring and piston after lightly pressing the spring cap, and the disassembly is complete.

Disassemble Multichannel Pipette

Disassembly process of multi-channel pipette:

  • At the beginning, it is also the lower part that is pulled out after holding down the release button. This part is the same as the single-channel operation.
  • Then push up according to the tips on the pipette, take out the lower half of the pipette, and you can see each independent channel.

In order not to cause damage to the pipette during the disassembly process, I hope that you can keep the environment clean and follow the operating specifications in every step. If you have pipette-related needs, you can get in touch with us. We provide electric, manual and volume-adjustable pipettes, as well as universal pipette tips. More consumables such as pH test papers, centrifuge bottles, and Elisa plates for laboratory use can also come to us for purchase.