Round and Square Deep Well Plate

There are round and square deep well plates. A deep well plate is shaped like a cube and can be used to store samples. It has a large storage capacity and is also called a storage block. Its PP material is more resistant to standard autoclaving and can also withstand standard-temperature refrigerators. When there are plenty of them you bought from deep well plates manufacturer, they can be placed together seamlessly due to the square design. This will be more stable and not easy to tilt the sample to miss. And it also looks neat, contributing to the orderliness of the laboratory environment.

Deep Well Plate

Deep-well plates are developed from ordinary micro-plates. The deep well plate is based on the ordinary plate with more depth to make its capacity larger than that of the standard plate. Its length and width are still in line with SBS international standards, the depth of the wells is increased, and the volume of each well is more than that of ordinary microplates.

Round and Square Deep Well Plate

96 deep well plateThe differences between round and square deep well plates:

  • The deep well plate is made of the same material whether it is square or round, and many aspects are the same. There are some subtle differences though. Due to the different shapes, the amount of raw materials spent is different, and the capacity of the square wells is more under the condition of the same type of bottom at the same height. Also, the square well is easy to leave the sample at the corners, and the round well has less residue than the square well due to the design characteristics.

How can it be classified in addition to the round and square deep well plates:

  • In addition to being divided into square and round according to the shape of the well, it can be divided into U-bottom and V-bottom according to the shape of the bottom. And according to the volume, it can be divided into 1.2mL and 2.2mL deep well plates.

What can deep well plates be used for:

  • Deep well plates are commonly used for DNA detection, high-throughput reactions, storage and transfer of samples, etc. It can replace centrifuge tubes to store samples. The medical PP material it uses has good chemical compatibility, which makes it suitable for the storage of most polar organic solutions, acidic and alkaline solutions, and other laboratory liquids. Such materials can also withstand standard autoclaving and freezer temperatures. It is robot friendly and can be used on automated machines for sample processing and injection operations, such as sample distribution, heating reactions, automatic injection, etc. It can greatly improve laboratory efficiency.

Whether round or square deep well plates, they are important tools in the laboratory. When you buy this product, be sure to find a regular deep well plate manufacturer. Hawach deep well plates are all checked at various levels, with strict production standards and formal production certificates. Hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with you.