Three Advantages of 96 Well ELISA Strip Plates

The 96-well Elisa strip plate is one of the ELISA plates. ELISA plate is a kind of equipment that is used in the enzyme-labeled instrument to operate experiments. Although it looks like a common plastic well plate, it is an indispensable mediator in ELISA experiments. It can help a lot in experiments. Here are some of its advantages:

Advantages of Detachable ELISA Plate Wells:

elisa strip well platesDetachable Elisa plates used in the laboratory can be really helpful. Elisa plate wells can be isolated individuals, which are known as Elisa strip plates. The 96-well Elisa strip plate can be composed of a detachable 8-well strip or detachable 12-well strips. Detachable modules with fixed wells are easy to remove and assemble. Each of its wells is highly consistent and can be used separately. This greatly improves the flexibility of detection. Being able to choose the number of wells used also reduces waste. It is also better than the general version in preventing cross-infection. After using some of the wells in a whole Elisa plate, the unused wells also run the risk of cross-contamination and are unsuitable for later use. The detachable Elisa plate can avoid this problem. The detachable ELISA plate can dispose of the used strips directly, and the unused wells can be left for future use.

Multiple Parameters to Choose from:

The variety of options can meet the different needs of customers in the experiment. It can provide alphanumeric markers to facilitate experimentation. There are also high-binding and medium-binding Elisa plates. And this product is usually available in three different colors: transparent, black, and white to ensure easy operation of different tests. Transparent color is often used in colorimetric detection and general ELISA experiments. The black plates themselves absorb light, so they are generally used to detect strong light, such as fluorescence detection. And white for general light detection, such as luminescence detection.

Performance of 96 Well ELISA Strip Plates:

Elisa plate uses high-quality PS material and is usually produced in a strictly dust-free room. And electronic beam sterilization will be performed. All of these ensure its stability property and are free of DNase, RNase, and Pyrogen. Elisa plates are generally surface-treated, and their protein-binding capacity will be greatly enhanced. The performance between each plate and each well of the same plate is similar, which can provide accurate and effective data for the experiment. Good material and processing make its surface uniform and smooth, it is not easy to the residual solution. And it also makes sure of good sealing.

These are some of the advantages of the Elisa plate, and you may find it more helpful in specific experiments. We wish your experiment can achieve the results you expect. If you have any questions about laboratory consumables, please feel free to contact us. Hawach provides very guaranteed Elisa plates, in addition to this one, there are other related products for you to choose from. We also provide high-volume wholesale and OEM services. If you have requirements please make a contact with us, we look forward to your news and long-term cooperation.