What are Centrifuge Tubes Used for?

What are centrifuge tubes used for? First of all, we can first understand what a centrifugal tube is, and then solve our main problems on this basis.

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Centrifuge Tube:

So what is centrifuge tube? Centrifuge tubes are commonly tubular sample containers of experimental consumables in laboratories and are mainly used in conjunction with centrifuges. Unlike other conventional test tubes, centrifuge tubes are dedicated to centrifugation. Centrifugation refers to the spinning of liquid at high speed to separate different components, and different substances sink at different speeds, so as to achieve sample separation. Centrifuge tubes are irreplaceable in this experimental process. The centrifuge tube holds the liquid and separates the sample by spinning rapidly around a fixed axis in the centrifuge. It is able to withstand the centrifugal force generated during use, collecting the heavier or denser part of the sample after centrifugation.

Centrifuge Tube Used for:

After learning about the introduction of this product, now let’s get down to business. Centrifuge tubes are often used for sample separation and preparation. Centrifuge tube function in the laboratory plays a vital role in many fields and is commonly used in biological sciences. They appear in DNA and RNA extraction from cells. They can also be used for medical samples like blood work, which separates organelles from blood cells. And centrifuge tubes can be used to remove contamination from the sample as well, and use a centrifuge to separate other substances in the sample so that the sample can be further studied. Soil analysis is also commonly performed with centrifuge tubes. Soil analysis involves combining soil with water or other solvents, which releases the target analyte into the water, which is then analyzed on the instrument. However, the soil particles were too large for effective analysis, so a centrifuge was used to effectively separate the soil for further experiments. Centrifuge tube uses for other experiments as well.

Buy Hawach Centrifuge Tubes:

After understanding its application, if it happens to be what you need, here is the buying guide. If you want to buy centrifuge tubes for your lab, the important thing to consider is the size. Centrifuge tube sizes are essential for centrifuge tube function in the laboratory. Because the centrifuge tube is generally three-quarters full, the excess solution can easily lead to leakage and cause trouble. You can decide which centrifuge tube sizes to buy based on the sample capacity you experiment with. Hawach centrifuge tube sizes are divided into three types. If your sample capacity is very small or you pay more attention to accuracy, you can buy 1.5mL or 2mL microcentrifuge tubes. If the capacity is very large, you can choose 250mL or 500mL centrifuge bottles. If these two types are not enough or are too large, ordinary 15mL or 50mL centrifuge tubes are worth buying.

That is all about what are centrifuge tubes used for, and if you have demands for centrifuge tubes, you can go with Hawach centrifuge tubes. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions before or after buying centrifuge tubes.