Why Choose Sterile Pipette Filter Tips?

Because sterile pipette filter tips are worthy and full-prepared for your experiments. There is something else in your solvents, don’t worry we got the tip with filter; there is a very strict test and you need it to be precise and perfect, take it easy, we have pipette tips sterilized. There are some conditions you will care about during the task, so it’s critical to choose a perfect pipette tip for your experimental work.

For choosing pipette tips, there are some aspects you need to consider, so you can aware of how useful a sterile pipette tip with filter can be in your laboratory experiments.

Sterile pipette tip VS. non sterile pipette tip

Experimental results can be interfered with contaminants unknowingly bring to liquid samples by non-sterile pipette tips. External pollution can be present in any stage of the tips production and packaging process in 100,000-class clean-room conditions. The accuracy of sample handling is resultful when sterile pipette tips keep biological or chemical contaminants away from our experimental process.

Factories supply pipette tips that are sterile have their sterilization technology and process validated and carry out regular quality checks. They will often test the effectiveness of sterilization, which can lead to keeping samples clear without contaminants.

Non-sterile pipette tips aren’t free of DNase and RNase. A sterile pipette tip means that it is free from living organisms, pyrogen, DNase, and RNase. If you need to perform high-standard and sensitive research, you should take sterile tips which are certified non-pyrogenic, non-DNase, and non-RNase.

Pipette tip with filter VS. pipette tip without filter

Filter tip means the tip has an embedded aerosol barrier that can avoid pipette damage by aerosols, viscous or volatile samples, and other physical harm. The Filter can also protect the pipette and samples against cross-contamination during experiments. It can provide sensitive sample pipetting results for your corollary.

Tips with filters can be utilized in any situation that might cause pipette injury. For example, they are perfect to train new people who are not familiar with pipettes, such as students. The filter can keep aspiration samples out of the pipette shaft. And it can prevent equipment costs of some use mistakes and prolong the longevity of pipettes.

Pipette tips with filters can eliminate the contamination risk of air displacement pipettes, preventing subsequent samples away from being potentially exposed to aerosols during pipetting.

If you’re a precise results chaser, filter tips can help you out from the interference of contaminants and pipette damage. You can eliminate the PCR, molecular, analytical methodology, and protocol issues.

Sterile pipette filter tips

Sterile pipette filter tips combine both advantages of tips with filter and pipette tips that are sterile. They can provide the most accurate results in your PCR or other experiments involved in vaporous, radioactive, bio-hazardous, or corrosive materials.

Sterile pipette filter tips are free from pyrogen, endotoxin, DNase, and RNase. And they can provide a sensitive and precise process to your study and ensure your sample and pipette get no cross-contamination throughout. It’s necessary to have pipette filter tips that are utterly sterile in your lab. Hawach has a premium sterile pipette tip with the filter on sale. Hawach sterile pipette filter tips are all manufactured in Class 100,000 Clean Room and the packaging process are there as well. The whole procedure can make sure our products are clear and free from DNase, RNase, endotoxin, and pyrogen.

Hawach sterile filter tips are made of ultra-clear virgin PP, which is sanitary and durable. And our special design makes tips universal fit to most pipettes in the market.

Also, we got a wide range of volumes for your choice: 10μL, 200μL, 300μL, 1000μL, 1250μL, and large volume tips. And various packaging choices of bags, racks, and stacks are for your needs.

The advanced electric beam sterilization technology guarantees the standard of pipette tip sterilization and low absorption and retention tips are also available. Hawach OEM service is always following your demands. Your messages are highly expected for choosing our pipette tips.