Why Use Serological Pipettes

A pipette is a very common tool used in the laboratory to transfer and dispense a certain amount of solution. Pipettes come in a variety of styles. Each type of pipette has a unique intended function in experiments. Serological Pipettes are mostly disposable pipettes. It is mainly used with a suitable pipette to accurately measure a certain volume of liquid. The serological Pipette is an important helper in the lab, but do you know why it is so important and why people always use it in the lab?

Serological Pipettes Advantages

25mL serological pipetteBecause it has many advantages, it can help people realize the steps that need to be done in many experiments.

First of all, it is a disposable consumable in the laboratory. Every time we need to use it, we just unpack the new product for experimentation. All new products have been sterilized without contaminants, so there is no need to worry about errors in experimental data caused by external contamination. And it can be thrown away after use, with no need to wash it. This is convenient for operation and saves cleaning time.

Second, it is available in many different capacities to meet the various needs of your experiments. And different capacities come with rings of different colors. Even if products of different capacities are mixed together, we can distinguish which one we need according to the color of the ring.

There is also its production process in line with strict industry standards, and product quality is guaranteed. It uses high-quality PS as raw material, and the tube is transparent and clear, which can well observe the situation of the liquid in the tube.

The smooth tube wall has a small adhesion rate, which can greatly reduce the waste of solution. They are manufactured and packaged in a class 100,000 clean room, and in addition to a built-in filter that effectively filters out external contaminants, they are also e-beam sterilized. All pipettes are DNase and RNase free, and pyrogen-free, with a very low risk of contamination.

And there are special options for serological pipette tips with stretchable and welded tips for your experimental needs.

Places to Use Serological Pipettes

Also, because it is widely used. Serological pipettes have a wide range of applications.

  • They can be used to transfer liquids between containers, mix different solutions, or keep reagents ready for use.
  • It is widely used in scientific research experiments in the field of liquid transfer that require an aseptic operation, such as tissue culture, bacteriology, and clinical experiments.
  • And these aspects of applied research can make continuous progress in human science and lay the foundation for better human survival in the future.

That’s all about why you might want to use a serological pipette, because of the benefits of this product and its wide range of applications. If you need to know how to use a serological pipette properly, read this: “How to Use a Serological Pipette?”. If you need to buy serological pipettes or other laboratory consumables, we hope to be your long-term partner with a sincere heart.