PCR Tubes

Introduction of PCR Tubes

  • PCR tubes are made of medical PP and they are thin-walled. All tubes are non-pyrogenic, DNase and RNase free. They are uniform thickness and better thermal transfer is ensured.
  • The micro PCR tubes use in small volume PCR tests. They have a precise light transmission effect, firm sealing, and low retention property
  • PCR tubes are proven tight sealing to avoid contamination and are easy to open.
  • There are two PCR tubes Hawach supplies: Single PCR tubes and 8 PCR strip tubes

Single PCR Tubes with Hinged Flat Cap

0.2mL Single PCR Tubes with Flat Caps

  • The single PCR tubes have their own connected caps. It’s easy to place and store one by one and has little concern about contaminants.
  • Hawach single tubes ensure continuous light transmittance and the reliable sealing reduce sample loss.

PCR 8 Strip Tubes and Caps

0.1mL 8 Strip PCR Tubes 0.2 mL 8 Strip PCR Tubes

  • PCR 8 strip tubes fit for both 100 µL and 200 µL strips.
  • The strip tubes have their independent tight seal caps. It’s organized while you’re using more than one kind of sample. Different samples can be put in different strip tubes for experiments, or put different samples in one strip tube can observe the variation between them under the same period and environment.

Portfolio of Micro PCR Tubes

Hawach micro PCR tubes are all wool and a yard wide. Our products sincerely recommend themselves for your experiments!

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