0.2mL Single PCR Tubes

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0.2mL PCR Tubes with Flat Caps

The raw material of 0.2mL PCR tubes with flat caps is virgin PP and they are produced and sterilized in class 100000 clean-room which can guarantee the cleanliness of products. They are all non-pyrogenic and free of DNase and RNase.

Features of 0.2mL PCR Tubes

  • 2mL PCR tubes have a pretty thin wall, and the thickness is uniform which ensures better thermal transfer.
  • Each tube has an independent lid, which avoids external contamination and keeps the sample inside the tube from evaporating and leaking.
  • The product is proven to seal tightly to prevent contamination and is easy to open.
  • The tube cover has good sealing performance, a low evaporation rate, and good softness for opening the cover.
  • Package: 1000pcs in 10bags one carton
  • Hawach also provides the 1mL and 0.2mL 8 PCR tube strips, these are not individual tubes like this one.


For PCR experiments use. 0.2mL single PCR tube is transparent and with a hinged flat cap. It is compatible with the most popular brands of thermal cyclers.

This kind of PCR tube with caps is small in size and space, easy to operate, seal, and store, and the transparent shell is easy to observe sample changes. If you need exactly this product, we look forward to working with you!

Specifications and Parameters:

Model No.DescriptionPackagePcs/Carton
S-PCR-02-ST-F0.2mL single PCR tube, transparent, with hinged flat cap1000pcs*10bags/carton10000
J-PCR-02-ST-F0.2mL single PCR tube, transparent, with hinged flat cap1000pcs*10bags/carton10000

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