pH Test Strips

Introduction of pH Test Paper Strips

A pH test strip is a piece of paper used in chemical and biological testing. The pH test paper strips can be used to test the concentration or some characteristic of chemical liquid. It can be impregnated with an indicator to get the results. Test strips are often used to measure the pH level of liquids, and there are some types of test strips that serve other purposes.

The pH test strips are usually pieces of paper that contain an indicator. This indicator will change to different colors as the pH level of the liquid to which it is exposed. The new color of pH strips can be compared with the accessory pH color scale to determine the pH data of the liquid. The strips can provide invaluable information on the liquid’s pH for corrosion prevention.

Hawach has universal, health, and determination pH test strips for your demands. Each can be used in context, giving you the pH you need to know.

Portfolio of pH Test Strips

The pH test strip is a very convenient way to determine the pH level of a liquid. The pH strip can be purchased at a very economical price as one package contains many test strips. Hawach can offer you very cost-effective strips!

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