Health pH Test Strips

Saliva, Vaginal, and Urine health test strips

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Saliva, Vaginal, and Urine pH Test Strips

The health test strips can be saliva pH test strips, vaginal pH test strips, and urine test strips. It can reflect the human state of physical health, which can provide guidance on improving living conditions. pH < 7 is acidic, pH = 7 is neutral, and pH > 7 is alkaline.

Features for Saliva, Vaginal, and Urine Test Strips

  • The strips are easy to use, take, and carry.
  • The test health range is between 5-8 and it has single color provided.
  • The bottle pack seals better and is less susceptible to contamination and moisture.
  • It is more focused and health testing than universal test strips.
  • For saliva pH test strips, the ideal pH range of human saliva is 6.4-7.2. The test strips for saliva are 5.5-8.0(range of 0.2). When testing the pH of saliva with test strips, it needs to be tested in the morning before brushing your teeth or 2 hours after eating. Please swallow 3 times before doing the test.
  • Other bodily fluids in humans that can reflect health can also be tested, such as vaginal pH test strips and urine test strips. The vaginal secretion has 3 test stages to reflex, and the urine pH test is between 5.0-8.0(range of 0.5).

Hawach saliva, vaginal, and urine health test strips are strict in workmanship and will not be rough and affect the results. Universal pH strips and Determination test strips are provided as well. We also provide wholesale in large quantities. Long-term cooperation is our intention to seek partners. The products give us the confidence to do long-term cooperation. We hope to get your approval and join!

Specifications and Parameters:

Model #DescriptionPackPcs/CartonCarton SizeGross Weight/ Carton (KG)Net Weight/ Carton (KG)
1TSS5580-0.2Bsingle color+PVC pH Test Strips for saliva 5.5-8.0(range 0.2)20 strips/bottle30039.5*38.5*34CM2322
1TSU5080-0.5Bsingle color+PVC pH Test Strips for urine 5.0-8.0(range 0.5)20 strips/bottle30039.5*38.5*34CM2322
1TSV-Bsingle color+PVC pH Test Strips for vaginal secretion(3 stages)20 strips/bottle30039.5*38.5*34CM2322

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