Universal Indicator pH Paper

pH: 1-14

Package: roll, rack, bottle

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Universal Indicator Paper pH 1 14

Universal indicator paper pH 1 14 can use for every field, like amniotic fluid test strips and water pH test strips. It is the most versatile. The material is high-quality litmus paper. The pH scale used with test strips is most commonly 1 to 14, with 1 being the most acidic and 14 the most basic.

Features of pH Test Paper 0-14

  • There are a variety of color options, there are single-color, double-color, and four-color.
  • Universal indicator paper pH 1 14 is very commonly used. Hawach wide range universal pH test strips also have more options: pH test paper 0-14/0-6/ 0-7/ 0.5-5/3.8-5.4/ 4-7/ 4.5-9/ 4.5-10/ 5.5-9
  • The pH exact interval is accurate to: 0.2, 0.25, 0.3, 0.5, and 1.
  • They are the best cosmetics pH test strips. If the cosmetic products we use are alkaline, our face will become dry, sensitive, and prone to breakouts; if they are strongly acidic, there is a risk of being disfigured; the skin is weakly acidic, so the cosmetic products that fit with skin pH are easily absorbed.
  • It can be prepared for people who have pregnant relatives as amniotic fluid test strips.
  • pH test strips can be used for food which makes sure the safety of vegetables and fruit. And you can also use it for drinking water.
  • Package method: rack, bottle, roll, and blue rack.


The pH test paper is for drinking water, food, and more samples you need to know their pH value. They can be amniotic fluid test strips, and also are the best pH test strips for cosmetics.

The Universal Indicator Paper pH 1 14 is widely used and has fine measurement accuracy. It provides safety tests in many aspects of life, which is beneficial to guarantee of our quality of life. Health pH strips and Determination test strips can be really helpful as well. Hope these products can provide you with peace of mind when you need them, Hawach will be your trusted manufacturer.

Specifications and Parameters:

Model #DescriptionPackPcs/CartonCarton SizeGross Weight/ Carton (KG)Net Weight/ Carton (KG)
4TS0014-0.5R4 colors Test Strips pH0-14(range 0.5)100 strips/rack50039.7*31.4*39CM2423
4TS0114-1R4 colors Test Strips pH1-14(range 1)100 strips/rack50039.7*31.4*39CM2423
2TS3854-0.2R2 colors Test Strips pH3.8-5.4(range 0.2-0.3)100 strips/rack50039.7*31.4*39CM2423
2TS4590-0.25R2 colors Test Strips pH4.5-9.0(range 0.25)100 strips/rack50039.7*31.4*39CM2423
2TS4590-0.5R2 colors Test Strips pH4.5-9.0(range 0.5)100 strips/rack50039.7*31.4*39CM2423
2TS5590-0.5R2 colors Test Strips pH5.5-9.0(range 0.5)100 strips/rack50039.7*31.4*39CM2423
4TS0014-1B4 colors Test Strips pH0-14(range 1)100 strips/bottle30039.5*38.5*34CM1817
4TS0114-1B4 colors Test Strips pH1-14(range 1)100 strips/bottle30039.5*38.5*34CM1817
1TS0014-1Bsingle color  Test Strips pH0-14(range 1)100 strips/bottle30039.5*38.5*34CM1817
1TS0114-1Bsingle color  Test Strips pH1-14(range 1)100 strips/bottle30039.5*38.5*34CM1817
2TS4590-0.25B2 colors Test Strips pH4.5-9.0(range 0.25)100 strips/bottle30039.5*38.5*34CM1817
1TR0014-1single color Test rolls pH0-14(range 1)5 meters/roll100061*35.64*33.5CM2322
1TR0114-1single color Test rolls pH1-14(range 1)5 meters/roll100061*35.64*33.5CM2322
1TR0550-0.5single color Test rolls pH0.5-5.0(range 0.5)5 meters/roll100061*35.64*33.5CM2322
1TR3854-0.2single color Test rolls pH3.8-5.4(range 0.2-0.3)5 meters/roll100061*35.64*33.5CM2322
1TR5590-0.5single color Test rolls pH5.5-9.0(range 0.5)5 meters/roll100061*35.64*33.5CM2322

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