Cell culture flask

Size: 25cm2, 75cm2, 175cm2, 225cm2

Package: vent cap or sealed cap

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Description of Cell Culture Flasks

Cell culture refers to cell removal and then maintaining their subsequent growth in laboratory conditions. Cell culturing is usually derived from multicellular eukaryotes, including animal cells, plant tissue culture, fungal culture, microbiological culture, and viral culture. Cell culture flasks are essential consumables in the laboratory. 75 cm2 cell culture flask is very popular in the market. Culture flasks are designed to grow and propagate microbial, insect, or mammalian cells in laboratories.

Features of Cell Culture Flask

  • 25cm2, 75cm2 cell culture flask, and 175 cm2 are provided for your demands.
  • Vent cap or sealed cap depending on your experimental work.
  • The cell flask surface of the culture flask is smooth and clean, with no scratches or unevenness.
  • The flat surface can be poured smoothly to prevent cell loss and pollution.
  • The cell culture flask is made of high-clarity material and has smooth, even, and clean surfaces. They can provide the vitro culture environment for cells and have strong cell adhesion, ensuring a high survival rate of cells.
  • Hawach cell culture flasks have self-locking caps for sealing and opening quickly and nonskid for stacking well. The self-locking cap ensures that the cell culture flask is well-sealed and can be easily opened when needed.
  • The cell flask has a non-skid design, which is easy to stack for storage and can save space.


It can provide an in vitro culture environment for viruses, bacteria, fungi, human cells, animal cells, plant cells, and other cells of life science experiments.

Cell culture dishes, cell culture plates, and Erlenmeyer culture flasks are all produced in our factory. Hawach is one of the manufacturers of cell culture instruments. The cell culture flasks are certified for quality. Quality is the self-confidence of our business survival. We believe that you will be glad you did not miss our products after using our products.

Specifications and Parameters:

Item No.SpecificationPackGW/carton(kg)Carton size(cm)
CF-25Cell culture flask, 25cm², vent cap, vacuum plasma treatment10pcs*20bags/carton650*36*31.5
CF-75Cell culture flask, 75cm², vent cap, vacuum plasma treatment5pcs*20bags/carton7.548*40.5*38
CF-175Cell culture flask, 175cm², vent cap, vacuum plasma treatment5pcs*6bags/carton6.558*46.5*24
CF-225Cell culture flask, 225cm², vent cap, vacuum plasma treatment5pcs*5bags/carton6.177.5*31.5*26.5

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