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Deep Well Plate

Hawach deep well plates are made of medical PP, which have 96 well and the volume capacity of every well is 2.2mL. And they are available in U and V shapes for bottoms, round shapes and square shapes for well.

u shaped 96 well plates 96 deep well plate

Introduction of Deep Well Plate

The deep well plate is developed on the basis of the ordinary well plate, the length and width conform to the SBS standard, and the volume of each well is increased by extending the depth.

Features of 2.2mL Deep Well Plate

  • 2mL deep well plate is made of high-purity PP that does not contain heavy metals, it will not react with the sample and will not interfere with the application.
  • The 96-well deep-well plate has a flat surface, which can ensure a tight fit between the plate and the magnetic rod cover for sealing and stable stacking together for storage.
  • With high temperature and high-pressure resistance, the temperature range is between -80°C to +121°C, and the surface is extremely smooth so that there is little liquid residue.
  • It has no DNA, RNA, or pyrogen contamination.
  • The 2mL deep well plate is suitable for various automatic injectors, which are simpler and more efficient than single-tube injections.


96-well deep well plate can be used for sample storage, injection, and treatment. It increases the efficiency in the processing of sample treatment with volley pipettes and automatic liquid treatment equipment. And it fits multichannel pipettes and automatic sample-handling equipment.

Magnetic Sleeves Rods

deep well plate v bottom 2.2 ml deep well plate

The corresponding magnetic sleeve rods are also 96 well, the same as deep well plates. They are made of qualified PP, which has stability in chemistry.

Introduction of Magnetic Sleeves Rods

For the deep well plate cover, the laboratory magnetic sleeves rods have good compatibility with these plates. They can also be called magnetic bars. The PCR plate sealing film can also work, but the magnetic bar is the optimal choice. They can be applied in nucleic acid extraction, and you can separate the magnetic bar from the liquid. They can achieve that not being in contact with the sample increases the life of the magnetic bar.

Features of Magnetic Sleeves Rods

  • The strong magnet with strong attraction can be easily and labor-savingly connected to the deep well plate.
  • The sturdy design makes the strip magnetic sleeves rods very durable and not easily damaged. The chemical properties are stable, and it is not easy to disturb the experiment by reacting with the sample.
  • It is very convenient and efficient to use, making your experiments worry-free.
  • The magnetic bar for 96 deep well plate can be quickly separated without delay when peeling is required.


  • The magnetic bar keeps a tight seal for deep well plates. In experiments, the sample can be mixed, complexed, lysed, washed, and eluted as the magnetic bar cap moves up and down in the magnetic bead reagent. This motion also separates the magnetic beads from the magnetic bead-target complex.

Hawach 2.2mL 96 deep well plate and their magnetic bar are all carefully crafted products that can fulfill various needs in experiments. They are all made of high-qualified material and have tight sealing for precision. And all the plates and magnetic sleeves rods are guaranteed in sterilization, quality, and production processing, which greatly improves the processing efficiency of liquid. They also provide customization for your experimental needs. We also provided cell culture plates, ELISA plates, and more consumables for your demands. All serves are for your satisfaction and experiment success. Hope our products can meet your requirements. If so, we would like to have long-term cooperation with you!

Specifications and Parameters:

S-DHP-220-96-U96 Deep Well Plate 2.2mL, square well, round bottom(U shape bottom)5pcs*10bags/carton
S-DHP-220-96-V96 Deep Well Plate, 2.2mL, square well, cone bottom(V shape bottom)5pcs*10bags/carton
S-MS-9696 well Tip Comb for 96 well V bottom Deep Well Plate10pcs*10bags/carton
J-DHP-120-96-U-S96 deep well plate,1.2mL /well, square well, round bottom (U shape bottom)5pcs*10bags/carton
J-DHP-120-96-U-R96 deep well plate,1.2mL /well, round well, round bottom (U shape bottom)5pcs*10bags/carton
J-DHP-220-96-U96 deep well plate,2.2mL /well, square well, round bottom (U shape bottom), for Rosetta 325pcs*10bags/carton
J-DHP-220-96-H96 deep well plate, 2.2mL /well,  square well, round bottom, H plate(U shape bottom), for Tianlong5pcs*10bags/carton
J-DHP-220-96-V96 deep well plate, 2.2mL /well, square well, cone bottom (V shape bottom), for Kingfisher5pcs*10bags/carton
J-MS-96-VTip Comb for 96-Well Deep Well Magnets(V shape bottom), for Kingfisher10pcs*10bags/carton
J-MS-8-U-A8-strip Tip Comb (U shape bottom) A, for Tianlong200pcs/carton
J-MS-8-U-B8-strip Tip Comb (U shape bottom) B, for Rosetta 32200pcs/carton

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