Plastic Pasteur Pipette

size: 1mL, 2mL, 3mL, 5mL, and 10mL

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Description of Pasteur Pipette

Hawach Pasteur pipette is made of LDPE, which is an environmentally friendly material. The disposable Pasteur pipette is small in size, easy to use and affordable, which can reduce raw material pollution. For the shape, there is a thin tip and the other end is a bulb for sample squeeze.

Features of Plastic Pasteur Pipette

  • 1mL Pasteur pipette, 2mL, 3mL, 5mL, and 10mL are provided for various needs in the market. 1mL Pasteur pipette is the smallest volume and is suitable for precious experiments.
  • The supply of sterile type is EO or gamma radiation sterilization.
  • The transparent Pasteur pipette with uniform thickness is used for effective drawing, which makes the experimental data more accurate.
  • The tip is slender and easy to extract or add tiny volumes from small containers. The Pasteur pipette is usually a disposable Pasteur pipette as its tiny body which not easy to wash.
  • The surface treatment produced is particularly smooth. It’s easy to flow and accomplish the experiment. And it also has fewer residues.
  • It can be used for rapid, safe, and accurate liquid transfer for experimental needs.


Plastic Pasteur pipette is commonly used in genetics, medicine, epidemic prevention, clinical, biochemical, petrochemical, military, and other industries.

Hawach plastic Pasteur pipette uses a non-toxic material, which is soft, flexible, and elastic. It has good sealing for preventing leakage. Serological pipette and more pipette tips can be get from our factory as well. Our product has performed exceptionally well in every way, and we hope you can use it, and it will come in handy in your lab!

Specifications and Parameters:

Cat#DescriptionSterilePackageWeight(KG)Carton Size(cm)
DTP-01SLDPE Disposable Transfer Pipette 1mL, length 145mm, EO sterilized, DNase/RNase freeSterile100pcs*100bags/carton13.873*44*50
DTP-02SLDPE Disposable Transfer Pipette, 2mL, length 150mm, EO sterilized, DNase/RNase freeSterile100pcs*100bags/carton13.873*44*50
DTP-03SLDPE Disposable Transfer Pipette, 3mL, length 160mm, EO sterilized, DNase/RNase freeSterile100pcs*100bags/carton15.562*61*45
DTP-05SLDPE Disposable Transfer Pipette, 5mL, length 205mm,EO sterilized, DNase/RNase freeSterile50pcs*100bags/carton1459*43*55
DTP-10SLDPE Disposable Transfer Pipette, 10mL, length 315mm, EO sterilized, DNase/RNase free 148mm fine tipSterile100pcs*25bags/carton1472*41*58.4
DTP-01LDPE Disposable Transfer Pipette 1mL, length 145mm, Non-Sterile, DNase/RNase freeNon-Sterile100pcs*100bags/carton13.873*44*50
DTP-02LDPE Disposable Transfer Pipette, 2mL, length 150mm, Non-Sterile, DNase/RNase freeNon-Sterile100pcs*100bags/carton13.873*44*50
DTP-03LDPE Disposable Transfer Pipette, 3mL, length 160mm, Non-Sterile, DNase/RNase freeNon-Sterile100pcs*100bags/carton15.562*61*45
DTP-05LDPE Disposable Transfer Pipette, 5mL, length 205mm,Non-Sterile, DNase/RNase freeNon-Sterile50pcs*100bags/carton1459*43*55
DTP-10LDPE Disposable Transfer Pipette, 10mL, length 315mm,EO sterilized, Non-Sterile, DNase/RNase freeNon-Sterile100pcs*25bags/carton1472*41*58.4

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