Sterile Serological Pipettes

Introduction of Serological Pipettes

A serological pipette is used to transfer a certain volume solution accurately. In the middle of the pipette is the even, long and thin tube part, the upper end of the neck of the tube is engraved with a colorful volume mark, and the lower part of the serological pipette tips is in the shape of a nozzle. These serologic pipettes all have clean individual packages and can be used with suitable pipettes.

  • Hawach serological pipettes are made of high-quality virgin PS, it’s crystal clear and light for identification and observation.
  • The pipette serological use has a smooth surface which reduces liquid adhesion to ensure measuring precision.
  • Different sizes of pipettes have different scale lines in different colors. There are six capacities for customers to choose from.
  • The color scale marks on both sides are convenient for observing and recording experimental data and are also easy to identify.
  • The built-in filter keeps clean of the pipette, they can effectively filter possible contaminants
  • All pipettes serological use are free of DNase and RNase, and pyrogen. They are manufactured in Class 100,000 clean-room and through E-beam sterilization. Provide customers with a safe medical sterilization guarantee.
  • Serological pipette tips have stretch and welded tips for your needs.
  • Application: The serologic pipette is widely used in tissue culture, bacteriology, scientific research experiments, and other aseptic liquid transferring operations.

Portfolio of Hawach Serologic Pipette

These serological pipettes are an excellent choice for your lab, and if you have any inquiries about them, Hawach are always here to help!

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