10 mL Serological Pipette

Item No.: S1-TP-10, S1-TP-10B

Package: bag, box

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Description of 10mL Serological Pipette

The 10mL serological pipette is manufactured in class 100000 clean-room, which has a strictly clean production environment. The PS as the material is good in quality and environment. Hawach hopes to recommend this product to your laboratory.

Features of 10mL Serological Pipette

  • Molded scales ensure good accuracy.
  • Different colors indicate different capacity specifications, but the pipette body has different precision scale marks, which is convenient for identification and work use.
  • All are individually packaged for ease of use to prevent contamination and cross infection.
  • The end of the 10mL serological pipette is fitted with filter plugs to prevent cross-contamination when aspirating samples.
  • Serological pipettes are made of smooth one-piece polystyrene plastic with a seamless design to eliminate the possibility of liquid residue. This unique design ensures complete sample flow, providing greater accuracy and faster fill and drain rates.


It is often used in bacteriology, tissue culture, clinical, scientific research, and other related fields that require aseptic techniques to transfer liquid.

10mL serological pipettes are a very helpful product for experimentation. And serological pipettes also have other different sizes provided, like 1mL serological pipette, 2mL serological pipette, 5mL serological pipette, 25mL serological pipette, and 50mL serological pipettes. They are with scale lines in different colors to identify. They are providing multiple options for the laboratory. And all capacity models are for your choice!

Specifications and Parameters:

Item NO.SpecificationPackGW/ carton (kg)Carton size (cm)
S1-TP-10Serological Pipettes 10mL, orange loop, φ10*346mm, welded tip, net weight 10.4g, individual paper-plastic pack in bags50pcs*4 bags/carton3.140.5*19.5*19.5
S1-TP-10BSerological Pipettes 10mL, orange loop, φ10*346mm, welded tip, net weight 10.4g, individual paper-plastic pack in boxes100pcs*4 boxes/carton3.541.5*37*25.2

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