1mL Serological Pipettes

Item No.: S1-TP-1, S1-TP-1B

Package: bag, box

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Description of 1 mL Serological Pipette:

A 1 mL serological pipette is a measuring device used to accurately pipette about 1mL volume of solution. Hawach 1 mL serological pipette is made of virgin PS with certified quality. The slender 1mL graduated serological pipette has clear marks of volume range on the tube wall and a nozzle-like lower end.

Features of 1mL Graduated Disposable Serological Pipette:

  • The smooth surface design reduces sample adhesion, improving measurement accuracy and sample consumption.
  • These 1mL disposable serological pipettes use explicit material, which is beneficial for easy identification.
  • There are stretched and welded tips of our 1mL graduated serological pipette for your experimental selection.
  • The 1 mL serological pipette has a good quality built-in filter that can keep the pipette clean.
  • The design of the nozzle shape makes the sample extraction simple, convenient, and precise.
  • Hawach serological pipettes are manufactured in a Class 100000 clean-room, DNase/RNase and pyrogen free.
  • Application: Serological Pipette is widely used in tissue culture, bacteriology, clinical, scientific research experiments, and other fields requiring the aseptic operation of liquid transferring.

This 1 mL serological pipette can be your better choice. In addition to the 1mL serologic pipette, we also offer other capacity pipettes with different colored marking rings on the top, like 2mL, 5mL, 10mL, 25mL, and 50mL serological pipettes. If you have any questions about which laboratory equipment is the best for your research, please feel free to contact us. It’s our pleasure to assist you at any time!

Specifications and Parameters:

Item NO.SpecificationPackGW/ carton (kg)Carton size (cm)
S1-TP-1Serological Pipettes 1mL, yellow loop, φ5*272mm, stretched tip, net weight 2.95g, individual paper-plastic pack in bags50pcs*20 bags/carton441*30*50.9
S1-TP-1BSerological Pipettes 1mL, yellow loop, φ5*272mm, stretched tip, net weight 2.95g, individual paper-plastic pack in boxes200pcs*4 boxes/carton4.241.5*37*25.2

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