25 mL Serological Pipette

Item No.: S1-TP-25, S1-TP-25B

Package: bag, box

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Description of 25 mL Serological Pipette

Hawach 25 mL serological pipette is strictly produced with high-quality raw materials, and the quality is guaranteed. The workshop is a 100,000-class clean room, which is very suitable for the production of laboratory equipment with high environmental requirements. And the 25mL pipette has stretched and welded tip styles for your experimental selection.

Features of 25mL Serological Pipette:

  • Serological 25mL pipettes are printed with black graduations to avoid ambiguity when measuring the amount of liquid aspirated or dispensed. It ensures accurate readings with less than 2% full-scale error.
  • It is a graduated pipette whose calibration mark does not extend to the tip but is located above it.
  • The colored capacity ring line and double-sided scale mark are clearly marked.
  • The high-definition material makes it easy to observe the capacity of the museum. The strict aseptic production process ensures that the products are pollution-free and will not interfere with the experiment.
  • There is a red loop of a 25mL pipette at one end of the neck, which is very prominent for identifying the size.
  • Application:  The 25mL pipette is often used in food manufacturing and cosmetics.

25 mL serological pipette has enough capacity than 1mL serological pipette, 2mL serological pipette, 5mL serological pipette, and 10mL serological pipette. And for largest capacity is 50mL serological pipettes. The smaller capacity is more suitable for delicate experiments, and the larger capacity can be used for large-scale operations. You can choose the appropriate size pipette according to the volume and requirements of the transfer solution. No matter what equipment is needed in the laboratory, we have what you want and look forward to your inquiry.

Specifications and Parameters:

Item NO.SpecificationPackGW/ carton (kg)Carton size (cm)
S1-TP-25Serological Pipettes 25mL, red loop, φ15*344mm, welded tip, net weight 13.2g, individual paper-plastic pack in bags25pcs*8 bags/carton3.441*30*50.9
S1-TP-25BSerological Pipettes 25mL, red loop, φ15*344mm, welded tip, net weight 13.2g, individual paper-plastic pack in boxes50pcs*4 boxes/carton3.841.5*37*25.2

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