5 mL Serological Pipette

Item No.: S1-TP-5, S1-TP-5B

Package: bag, box

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Description of Serological Pipette 5mL

For serological pipettes, widely used manufacturing materials on the market include polystyrene and glass. Hawach uses environmentally friendly PS. 5mL serological pipettes are usually disposable and pre-sterilized. The lower edge is a beak, and the upper edge of the neck is marked with a marking line to mark the exact volume of the sample to be taken out.

Features of 5mL Serological Pipette

  • The surface of this product is smooth and clean with little liquid sticking. And they have high definition and are easy to identify.
  • The material has excellent optical clarity and mechanical strength.
  • Sterilization is by the electron beam.
  • With filter plug, it can effectively filter the contaminants that may be present in the electric pipette.
  • All are individually packaged in paper or plastic, which is clean and convenient.
  • The graduation error is within ±2%
  • All 5mL serological pipettes are designed to be used with pipettes. They are versatile and connect with a tight fit. This enables you to perform experiments consistently accurately and quickly.


For the study of pathogens and antibodies. In the food and cosmetics industry.

5mL serological pipettes are usually pre-packaged in bulk packages, which are very clean and you can use them with confidence. 1mL, 2mL, 10mL, 25mL, and 50mL are also available. Hawach sincerely recommends these serological pipettes, you will be amazed by them.

Specifications and Parameters:

Item NO.SpecificationPackGW/ carton (kg)Carton size (cm)
S1-TP-5Serological Pipettes 5mL, blue loop, φ8*336mm, stretched tip, net weight 7.6g, individual paper-plastic pack in bags50pcs*4 bags/carton2.2440.5*19.5*19.5
S1-TP-5BSerological Pipettes 5mL, blue loop, φ8*336mm, stretched tip, net weight 7.6g, individual paper-plastic pack in boxes100pcs*4 boxes/carton5.1241.5*37*25.2

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