How to Use Pasteur Pipette

Using pipettes is one of the basic things you’ll learn in biology or chemistry experimental courses. Pasteur pipettes used in laboratories are very common. Knowing how to use a Pasteur pipette is really necessary. This may seem easy to do, but it’s important to get it right because it involves many experiments, and the wrong operation can ruin your results. This article will teach you the right use of the Pasteur pipette.

pasteur pipette

First of all, always keep the bulb on top, and never take it backward during use. And also pay attention to choosing the appropriate Pasteur pipette volume to operate. So the top is the bulb, the pipette tube is on the bottom and the tip is pointing down. And it needs to be used as vertically as possible.

Then keep the position and squeeze the top bulb, and next put the Pasteur pipette tip into the solution you need to transfer. Now release the top bulb slowly for drawing the sample into the Pasteur pipette. You can determine when to stop aspirating by looking at the volume markings on the side.

Be careful not to let the solution get into the top bulb. The choice of Pasteur pipette sizes is the key. You can use water to practice to determine the proper strength and technique.

Finally, you can take the pipette out of the solution and transfer samples to receiving container.

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This is all the introduction of using the Pasteur pipette in the right way. Pasteur pipette uses in the laboratory is very typical consumables and is indispensable in molecular biology and biochemistry laboratories. The use of a Pasteur pipette is essential to learn. We hope everyone’s experiments can go smoothly as you expected.

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